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If you go through the offline process again, you use the List volumes command to find out what drive letter the OS partition is using in that environment. Then you use that drive letter for both instances.

Are you running the command is a way you have network access? Do you have the install files available?

Having that many corrupted files would seem to raise concern about your system in general. What might be corrupting them.... It looks like the netfx files are .Net Framework files. You might check the net for a way to repair .net framework installs. I see several, but it may depend on exactly which versions you have installed.

Maybe someone else would have a good way to check them.
I tried the command with all possible combination of drive letter, I always got the same error. I have a Windows 8 Pro DVD, so I am guessing it should have the install files.

About the .Net Framework thing I googled and tried a couple of things but I still get the same error with SFC. As far as I can tell from the Windows Features list I have .Net 3.5 and .Net 4.5