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Windows 8.1 Freeze Ups (Disk usage 100%, 0 R/W speeds)

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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 Bit

    Thank you for posting the screen shots. It does not look like the adware and update induced problems, which my A6 4GB laptop has seen.

    The Adware slowed down the browsers. The large updates caused the anti-virus and disk defragmenters to have major disk contention. After letting the PC sit for an hour or so the situation resolved itself. N360.exe and the MS defragger were too blame.

    Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case from your screen shots.

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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 Bit

    Shows some screen shots of other slow systems , but your problem looks different as your transfer rates are closer to 0.
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    Windows 7

    Quote Originally Posted by aceroom View Post
    Tried both of those two changes simultaneously and still having problems while watching videos on MPC-HC. The video freezes occasionally and so does the PC and I'm not able to do anything with it. VLC on the other hand exhibited a slightly different behavior. The video would stop playing but the sound would loop for the last 5 seconds of the video I was watching. The disk usage does not go to 100% and I can still control my computer but I need to force close VLC. Any other suggestions?
    It was happening the same on me (windows 7), i run diagnostics from dell (i got a inspiron 5520) and it showed me that my hard disk had an error an failed the tests. Some research on Dell forums showed me that my Disk is supposed to be fried and needs to be replaced (based on the number error) but i was still able to run windows "normally" (the majority of the people with that problem had issues with booting the PC , or could only do it on safe mode (the stranger thing that happened was folders and files opening in slow motion, but that was over after 1 reboot). However i had that specific error with MPC-HC, uninstaled and tryed VLC, exact same error as you. Sometimes i had to force shutdow my pc. Disk usage was picking at 100%, some times it was normal. I had problems too if, when using utorrent, it would make a verification for the file and at certain point it would start to freeze my pc. My guess is, i have some part of the HDD corrupted. I downlloaded another file and it was fine (so far, 1 day after).

    Any insign in the middle of all this mess?
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Windows 8.1 Freeze Ups (Disk usage 100%, 0 R/W speeds)
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