Hi all,

I have this odd error with changing the lock screen that's been driving me mad and I really don't want to have to reinstall just because of this.

Going to PC settings shows this screen:

Click image for larger version

Note how the lock screen tile is empty. Clicking on it brings me to this:

Click image for larger version

So no lock screen image choices are being shown to me at all. I can click "Browse" and select a new image, but nothing happens. Choosing a lock screen slideshow does nothing as well.

I've tried many, many things, from resetting libraries and messing with the SystemData folder (in fact, that's the only way that I can change my lock screen, by replacing images in the SystemData folder.) Deleting the SystemData folder to try and generate a clean one doesn't work.

Any suggestions? Could anybody provide me with a clean, default version of the SystemData folder?