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delay when scrolling and choppy streaming of videos.

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    delay when scrolling and choppy streaming of videos.

    I have tried on another forum getting answers to my problem with my new purchase.

    Just acquired my first win 8 laptop. I had a loaner win 8 and hated everything between the computer and OS. I really like this Lenovo but im still having issues with win 8. Mainly this computer and the rental one seems very bogged down. Everything from social media or streaming etc even scrolling down this forum page has such a Lag or delay. Is this typical for win 8, can i do anything about this?

    the lag is a delay. everytime I would scroll down a page it would have a delay, or if i stream a video (I use chromecast) it is delayed and choppy. My Win 7 Laptop had zero issues like these.

    PC SPEC (specInfo)
    AMD E1-2100 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics
    MB: LENOVO (Lenovo G505)
    RAM: 3529mb
    HDD: 465gb (WDC WD5000LPVT-24G33T1)
    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8210
    Sound: Conexant SmartAudio HD
    OS: Windows 8.1 (9600)
    Scr: Generic PnP Monitor

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    Everything you mention is internet or browser related. Whats your internet like? have you tried more than one browser?
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    Does this happen in the Chrome browser?
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    yes all i use is Chrome. I can try IE and report back. My signal shows full on my wifi. I dont really know how to check my internet settings further from that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreshDA9 View Post
    yes all i use is Chrome. I can try IE and report back. My signal shows full on my wifi. I dont really know how to check my internet settings further from that.
    I believe this is a problem with chrome, every now and then I also have this happen to me. I know how annoying it is. Basically all you can do is wait for a new chrome update or install an older version of the browser, sometimes it even randomly goes away.
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    Well i just checked with IE and the lag is gone. This sucks cause I primarily use Chromecast to watch tv....
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    Spoke too soon, been using IE for the last few days and having the same problem as i did with Chrome. My internet connection signal looks great which has all 5 bars but i dont have nay info further on the well being of it.
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delay when scrolling and choppy streaming of videos.
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