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Regular Maintenance always arms itself again and wakes PC

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    Regular Maintenance always arms itself again and wakes PC

    I have a really frustrating problem, that Windows 8.1 always wakes my PC from standby at some point. I looked up with powercfg /waketimers:

    Der von [SERVICE] \Device\HarddiskVolume4\Windows\System32\svchost.exe (SystemEv
    entsBroker) gesetzte Zeitgeber läuft um 03:49:17 am 20.03.2014 ab.
    Ursache: Die geplante Aufgabe "NT TASK\Microsoft\Windows\TaskScheduler\Regular
    Maintenance" wird ausgeführt. Hierzu muss der Computer reaktiviert werden.

    If I disable it or deactivate the option for it is allowed to wake the PC to run (see screenshot), the entry showing up with powercfg /waketimers changes to:

    Im System sind keine Aktivierungszeitgeber aktiv. (no entrys)

    But here it comes: the task always reactivates itself and arms itself with the option to be allowed waking the PC, and the PC always wakes up at night around 3am doing this stupid maintenance.

    What is causing this? Why is it overwriting itself again after some time, and how can I disallow/deactivate this.
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    It doesnt matter switching the option off you mentioned, thats something totally different related. And disabling globally "allow wake timers" isn't an option, because I need some of them to work (for example for DVB programings), but I dont want the Windows maintenance one to wake up the pc, but it always arms itself again (and resets the option for waking r not waking to enabled).

    I think it resets/arms itself always again the moment I send the PC back into standby. If I disable it, and put my pc to sleep, it is always on again when I wake it.
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    I tried to help.
    Sorry I wasted your time.
    I'll remove the useless post.

    Try what is in the picture.
    If this is useless also, tell me & I'll delete this post also.

    Click image for larger version
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Any progress ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Bailey View Post
    Any progress ?
    That is the same option I posted in my first thread. It always enables itself after some random time. If I disable it, it's off for some (random time), but it enables itself again and again, by itself.
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    @ dfgfgd

    If you uncheck this:

    Attachment 39888

    but don't do this:

    Attachment 39889

    than Windows will do it automatically again.
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    Of course I didnt press the "start" button myself... And it didnt change anything, today at 7:40am (dont even know why that time where it was set to 3am) it turned on again, and when I looked into control center, "allow scheduled..." was enabled, AGAIN. What can I do about it?? It always enables itself again, again and again and again.
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    Hi there. If UEFI BIOS, check to make sure settings are correct there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Hi there. If UEFI BIOS, check to make sure settings are correct there.
    It's a Z77 board so it's UEFI, and system time is correct. Also all power wake options are set to disabled, even tried setting the option "event wake timers..." from disabled to "controlled by os", doesnt matter, it's like totally ignored, if set to off or os controlled. But that's irrelevant, I also want some to work like WOL, or specific events, but not this stupid Windows Maintenance. Disabling it completely also doesnt work. It always overwrites the settings after some time, to enabled AND to allow reactivate PC.
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    I can see you're frustrated and I don't want or mean to frustrate you further. Just to let you know I'm not the savviest one around here. I know and am running an older Acer with legacy BIOS. I do not know much of UEFI other than it's a more sophisticated BIOS with far more options including storing OS keys there.

    Just to make sure you have update KB2919394 installed because for some reason it's optional. That's the sleep fix update if you didn't know that already.

    I have a good friend that will look at your problem closer, so hang in there.

    I personally now think there is a correlation between UEFI and 8.1 by watching this huge thread: Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep

    A few questions: Did you run 8 prior to 8.1? If so, did you have sleep problems there? Are you saying that the OS does not change UEFI settings? Your real problem is that whatever changes you make get overwritten?
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Regular Maintenance always arms itself again and wakes PC
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