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Looking for Background App/Process Manager Presets

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    Looking for Background App/Process Manager Presets

    Hi all,

    I am wondering such a tool exists that I can use to create "presets" to automatically shutdown (or start) a pre-defined set of background processes or apps.

    I do a lot of different things... AutoCAD, video editing, audio editing, control system programming, etc. When I doing some of these things, I would like some background tasks to shutdown. Right now, I use Task Manager to do this manually.

    Even better would be the ability to defect when a specific program is running and that triggers some actions.

    Presets for Windows Services would be great too.


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    Personally I think this is putting a lot of work into something that will provide virtually no benefits. Particularly with 16 GB RAM. One of the nice things about using a modern OS is that you don't need to manage this kind of thing yourself. I am assuming that the background processes you are speaking of are not CPU bound so they will consume next to nothing in CPU time. Don't be concerned with the memory used by these background processes and services. This usage is only high because there is currently no better use for the memory. When you load a large application their memory usage will be trimmed back, drastically if necessary.

    Stopping Windows services will gain you nothing and is likely to cause problems.
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    Valid point, but I have noticed things like Adobe Creative Cloud trying to sync or do updates while I'm trying to mix audio. Or I use CrashPlan for data backup and that is constantly doing things (even though I do NOT use the realtime backup). Dropbox is another hog. Some of these will make my hard drives go bonkers because they are trying to random seek a lot from several processes all at once.

    Besides that, the less background apps running, the less potential for something to crash, resulting in lost work.

    I know there's not much NEED to do this, but I'm a little OCD this way.
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Looking for Background App/Process Manager Presets
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