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USB sticks and possible effects on startup/shutdown times

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    USB sticks and possible effects on startup/shutdown times

    I've been noticing some bizarre behavior on startup times and shutdown times, and I'm wondering if there can be any connection with USB sticks.

    I haven't done extensive experiments, but a few observations.

    1. I noticed that restarts were very slow (3-10 minutes), but that booting up after turning the computer off was very fast (Perhaps 15 seconds).

    2. I tried taking out two of my USB sticks on restarts, and it did speed things up marginally, but then my computer started going berserk. It would take 5-10 minutes to shut down and then 5-10 minutes to start up. I even had a couple crashes on startup.

    3. I later put back in the USB sticks and startup is now back to normal.

    So my question is, is this coincidence? Or is there a possible connection?

    Also, I just noticed that since I had my USB sticks have a FAT32 format. Would that have any negative effect when running on Windows 8?

    Additional info. I just use the sticks for holding data, and not for booting up anything.

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    Format them to NTFS & see what happens.
    You can reformat them if problems arise.

    About Fat 32 & NTFS:

    FAT32 file size support tops out at 4GB and volume size tops out at 2TB. This means that you're limited to 2TB FAT32 partitions if you want to use a 4TB drive. It also means that you are limited to 4GB files. This is a concern with uncompressed high-definition movie files, where 30GB files are not unheard of. Theoretically, NTFS is limited by design to 16EB (Exabytes). One Exabyte is the equivalent of one billion Gigabytes, so we're quite a ways away from maxing out NTFS. In practice, 2 to 4TB volumes are the limit at this time. Larger volumes will require a 64-bit OS and compatible hardware.
    Edit-- I made a Macrium image of all my local drives on a fat 32 usb & it got split up into 4GB sized files.
    I made an image with an NTFS formatted usb & it made one big file.

    A picture:

    Click image for larger version
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    The only trouble I have is with a USB 3 stick if it is in when I (re)boot, it tells me no operating system found press Ctrl, Alt, Del, to restart. Take it out system starts as normal.
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    Do you have BIOS set to boot from USB? Or do you have Windows to go set to Yes? In either case it will try to boot from USB. Just a thought.
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    Only happens with the USB 3 stick, not any others. Don't know about the auto boot from windows to go, will check tomorrow.
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    Booting from USB is on the option list, but it's way down after the hard drive and the CD drive. Is it better to take it off?

    Also, how can I check if the computer is set to Windows to go or not? I can't find that option.
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    Sometimes, if you plug in too many different USB devices (over time), it can cause issues where newer devices are not detected properly but I never experienced your exact issue unless you somehow had a bootable USB inserted at one time and now you have a non-bootable usb inserted that may be causing a device profile conflict of sorts. With that said, you might want to "clean out" all of your old USB profiles and see if that helps:

    Go to your device manager and select "show hidden devices" under view. Once done, you'll probably see a ton of old USB profiles that are greyed-out. If so, delete all of those greyed-out profiles and they should appear in 3 different places. Disk Drives, Portable Devices, and USB Controllers. Again, anything that is greyed-out is OK to delete. They will be newly discovered upon the next insertion. This is quite a long-shot suggestion but I've seen this procedure cure many ills before.

    Click image for larger version

    Good luck,

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    My2 cents,

    I'll check it out when I get home. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkshiroma View Post
    Booting from USB is on the option list, but it's way down after the hard drive and the CD drive. Is it better to take it off?
    No need - that is fine.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bkshiroma View Post
    Also, how can I check if the computer is set to Windows to go or not? I can't find that option.
    go to start screen and type "windows to go". Probably My2Cents idea is better but it is worth checking

    EDIT - you'll only have this option if you have Pro version I think.
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    Thanks, I do have the Pro version. By the way, on a related topic, is there anything I should check on why restarts are so slow. It really shouldn't take 3-10 minutes should it?
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USB sticks and possible effects on startup/shutdown times
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