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USB sticks and possible effects on startup/shutdown times

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    Yeah, you are fortunate. But for us plain folk, we have to go with more modest solutions, LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    Yeah, you are fortunate. But for us plain folk, we have to go with more modest solutions, LOL.
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    Getting closer. Eliminated a number of software, from printer utilities to the USB driver to some software that came with my camera and my video camera. Restart seems to work normally now. I'm still having trouble with shutdowns and startup, so I eliminated a few more things (printer drivers, a remaining USB webcam camera startup thing that was still there even after uninstalling) and stopped the skype updater service. We'll see how things go this evening.


    After eliminating the other stuff, things shut down normally. Again, we'll see how things go when I come back. I still haven't had a normal hybrid bootup since I took out the USB sticks (by the way I took out all the greyed out stuff from the device manager), but maybe it will when I get back. I can't figure out why that would make any difference at all, but there it is. Maybe it had to do with the USB camera driver or something. Come to think of it, when I use my camera, I usually put it where one of the USB sticks are, although I later tried putting it in one of the USB slots in the back.

    On a side note, I was able to find the screen shown in 4 on my Windows Pro installation. Never have touched Windows Enterprise, and when I got to the Window it was set for off. There is, however, no Windows to go option on my control panel.
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    Black clock?

    Things are looking pretty good. Restarts are definitely fine. And things booted up pretty quickly. Here's my question, though. Is this black clock on the notifications flag Windows defender? Or is it something else? When I hover the mouse over it, it says scheduled scan. It's usually shortly after it appears that things slow down for a few minutes.

    Click image for larger version
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkshiroma View Post
    Things are looking pretty good.

    Clone the HDD before doing anything else!!!!! (Just an opinion.)
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    I'll be checking how things go the next several days, but it seems like everything is now fine. My only concern is the USB driver for my webcam. I tried to find the latest one, but it doesn't seem any different from the last one I used. If it causes problems, I may just have to get a new webcam.

    There were two Canon pieces of software that were definitely causing problems, and so I got rid of those.

    At any rate, thanks everyone for your help. Masterchief, I know you got more than a little annoyed at the whole process. Believe me, so was I. All I can say in my defense is I still can't figure out why all this software that caused no problems with Windows 8 for one year before my computer went down with the BSODs suddenly started causing problems when I reinstalled Windows. Same hardware. Nothing changed. It's probably a mystery I'll never figure out.

    But I just wanted to say thanks for all your advice and help. Couldn't have done it without you. My2Cents, ditto on your advice at looking at the Event Logs. That was also invaluable.

    Hopefully, you won't have to hear from me again, except on other topics.
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    lol it's all good man.

    Can I be perfectly honest? Yes, just a little bit annoyed...well...that's not even really the right word for it....more like bemused.

    That's because after doing all the stuff necessary to get the machine stable, you specifically asked about the utilities. I was like, "ehhh nah, not really a good idea" or something like that, and next thing I know, system is crashing and utilities are on it.

    lol sometimes ya just gotta laugh. But in all honesty, the truth of the matter is that I am glad that it seems to working out now...

    but just one more thing before I conclude in this thread:

    Clonezilla makes good backups!!!

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    I believe you said, "You can try your luck."

    I guess I'm just not very lucky...or good at taking hints.
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    I'll take a look at clonezilla. Don't know a thing about it.
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USB sticks and possible effects on startup/shutdown times
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