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RE: Windows mess - questions with Hard Drive

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    Quote Originally Posted by terazbox View Post
    the dism.bat file thing isn't doing anything.
    I downloaded it 2 different times
    unblocked it
    run as administrator
    just a cursor sitting there
    task manager says 0 - it not doing anything
    You may need to restart your computer before running the batch file.

    See picture:

    {Left click it to make it bigger.
    Or right click it & open it in a new Tab or New Window to make it bigger.}

    Here it is again with different properties:

    Click image for larger version

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    They both together took over 2 hours to complete:

    Click image for larger version
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    Thanks all for the thoughts regarding my sick cat. I did not expect that but it is surely appreciated right now.


    I spent several hours dealing with the techs over the phone in regards to questioning if we should return the computer or not.
    This is where we ended up.

    Did a factory reinstall with the recovery discs but not from the HP assistant screen but from typing in recovery on the screen.

    Chose the option to do a complete recovery/reinstall without saving any files which said that it would reformat the entire hard drive.

    After that - we were still seeing this smart ac adapter message and things were still a little slow but the tech then had me do a refresh.

    After that he went in and looked around, installed some AV called trend micro something, ran malware bytes and not sure what else.

    Was still seeing the smart AC adapter message though and he told me that to get that fixed or replaced we'd have to return the entire laptop to get it under warranty but he felt that other than that, we did not have any virus/malware or anything and that the laptop was as good as gold.

    He recommended running it for a short period of time to see how things went before turning it in.

    My thought is, if the adapter is going bad and the laptop seems fine otherwise, I'm just buying the darn adapter myself.

    Called it a nite after that and now, here we are this evening.

    For starters, I disconnected the battery. Unplugged the AC cord.
    Held down the power button for a few moments.
    Connected the AC cord but not the battery.
    Have done windows updates. Have done HP updates.
    Have plopped the God mode folder onto my desktop.
    Of course, the laptop has restarted multiple times over all of that.
    Have installed almost all of my software programs.

    No smart AC adapter not powerful message appearing yet. Have not connected the battery yet.

    Have done a few clean disc runs, no defrags yet.

    No messages from virus program and things look good there.

    Computer is shutting off properly. No weird glitches when typing.

    Not sure if it is running as fast as before but she may just need to have some tweaks?

    LOL, I'm thinking we should rename this thread something like - ride along with crazy chick while she tweaks and adjusts new laptop and learns a few things.

    And NO, I am not reinstalling Windows 8.1 on the laptop anytime soon.

    So, my next question would be, what step do you think we should go with next in effort to make sure all is good with this thing?

    I'm open to any suggestions, bring on the learning!!!

    And again, many thanks to you all for being here and available and for all your knowledge!!!!
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    So, my next question would be, what step do you think we should go with next in effort to make sure all is good with this thing?
    Since the batch file seemed not to work,Try the commands in an elevated command prompt.
    Restart before running the commands.

    sfc /scannow

    When it is done:

    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    When it is done:

    Restart & run:

    sfc /scannow

    Be patient.
    They take a long time to finish.
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    1st - thanks to all who have been kind enough to lend their computer knowledge.

    Now, the bad news is that we finally had to make the decision to put our beautiful cat to sleep. Was very hard. Then, I guess from the stress & exhaustion, I ended up with a bad sinus/cold attack.

    Now, the good news. I'm feeling better and ready to tackle the computer world! Even better, another issue that we had another laptop not even starting up has been somewhat tackled.

    I managed to get that one to start up on the blue screen where you see Bios info & can enable it to boot from either the hard drive or CD/DVD or other option. I managed to get in and change that to boot from a CD and used one of my backup copy discs to get it to boot up.

    Wish I would have been thinking better to take notes, but a screen came up and said that several issues needed fixed, the 1st of which was worded something like startup/boot settings have been corrupted or wrong or something and then some other things.

    I was just so tickled that the laptop even powered up that I just told it to fix the issues and it has been starting up ever since then.

    Which now brings me back to here.

    I'd like to tackle a few things & learn some stuff along the way, if you all would be kind enough to help me out.

    So, here is what I'm working with.

    The HP laptop, for which this thread/post was started. It is running Windows 8. Then, the Acer is running Windows 7. I know, 2 different sections for the forum, right? Probably should split this into different threads or can I keep it all combined for my ease? Please let me know, so that I do follow the rules properly here.

    Anyhow, my 1st question is in regards to the replies from David.

    What exactly is the dism.bat thing? What does it check for? And can I run it on both laptops to check for things?

    I want to learn as much as I can but I'm not very good with techno speak/language - yet.

    My next question is going to be - computer startup.

    I know certain things need to happen for them to start up and run correctly and smoothly.

    I'd like to know - to make startup faster - where is the best way to check what is happening upon startup and what all is absolutely needed & what can be disabled?

    I'm going to guess that there are certain programs/things that probably don't need to startup right away and can be turned on to run once you actually require that process?

    Please let me know if I have that thought correct and if you can accomplish the investigating in the same way for both Windows 7 & 8. And if you want to send me off to another link/post here on the forum, that is fine by me. Just give me a road map and I will be a very happy student.

    Thanks again!!!! You all are awesome!
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    Anyhow, my 1st question is in regards to the replies from David.

    What exactly is the dism.bat thing? What does it check for? And can I run it on both laptops to check for things?
    Sorry for the late response.
    I've been busy.

    It is a batch file that runs sfc /scannow & Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.
    In 3 actions.

    sfc /scannow
    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
    sfc /scannow

    That above is the syntax of the file.
    The pause is so the command prompt does not disappear when the scans finish.

    To make it yourself copy & paste the 4 lines of code into Notepad.
    Choose save as & name it something.bat.

    Choose All files or it will end up with a .txt extension.

    Click image for larger version

    SFC scans for & tries to fix system files.
    If it cannot fix the files, running dism will fix the component store sfc calls on to fix problems.
    Then running sfc again has an uncorrupted store to draw on to fix files it could not fix before.

    I hope this explains it.

    Again, sorry for the late response.
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    Hi all who have replied.

    Just wanted to let you know that in the time that has passed since the last posts on this laptop, whatever issues were present have gone away and not shown back up.

    I don't know if there were Windows updates or HP updates that took care of things but all I can say is the laptop is running excellent. Have not had any pop up boxes with adapter warnings, everything seems to be running as fast as can be and my husband is thoroughly a happy camper since he hasn't had to call for my help on a single thing.

    In addition, we've been using my laptop and Team Viewer to help my Dad learn his way through his new desktop and help him set things up for stuff and haven't had any issues with ours. Also did some online job interviews and had no problems with them either.

    We did have Time Warner come out for another issue regarding our phone line and they did some stuff with the modem/router and the lines coming into our townhouse and the internet is now exceedingly fast.

    So, I have one laptop that is beyond happy.

    Working on an issue with Dad in another thread regarding his and just got our old Acer laptop back this afternoon. A new computer place opened up across the street and they diagnosed and fixed it for less than a $100.

    It was the video card that had gone bad. It seems fine now too but I will be going through and getting her back up the way I want her but will be starting a new thread on that one later in regards to what we need to do and what we shouldn't do and all that.

    Again, I want to thank you all for being here and being available and lending your knowledge out!!!

    Awesome, awesome, awesome sauce!!!

    Many, many thanks to you all!!! I'll send you all hugs via the internet for being such a wonderful place to come and get suggestions and help. My husband thanks you all too!!!

    And now, off to get ready for the redoing of my Acer.
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RE: Windows mess - questions with Hard Drive
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