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Laptop overheating conspiracy and what to do about it

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    Laptop overheating conspiracy and what to do about it

    There is a light bulb in the Smithsonian Institute made by Thomas Edison that is still burning bright today. Light bulbs today burn out easily. Why? They are designed that way on purpose so the light bulb makers can make more money. The same thing is happening with your laptop.

    What's the biggest problem with laptops? It's overheating. Why do they overheat - bad design on purpose. That's the conspiracy and I can prove it.

    Over the years I have owned many laptops and they all have one common flaw - no matter the make or model - Not enough airflow. Couple this with very bad advice. I saw a video yesterday on cleaning the laptop, it made me laugh then cry because people were being shafted. They tell you to clean the unit by wiping down it's keyboard and surfaces then use a can of air to blow out the dust in the fan - from the outside in. These videos are popular on the net and they are made by the same people who sell the cans of air and by the laptop people. This is the WRONG way to clean a laptop. They know this, and tell you to do this on purpose thinking this will pacify laptop users who don't know any better. What this actually does is help to destroy your laptop faster so you have to buy another one.

    Over time the laptop builds up dust that clogs the fan blades and vents. Blowing it out with air from the outside in, is bad because all this does is force that dust deeper into the laptop. Sure the dust gets away from the fan for a time but after a couple of years you open up the unit and see all the dust surrounding your other laptop components. ( because that dust has no where to go, some will leave through the vents but not all, in fact you are spraying air from outside in - in the direction away from those vents! ) This leads to the precious chips/components getting hotter and causing damage - even though your fan and vents may be clear. The laptop makers Know this. they study these things so they can make more money.

    But why does it happen at all? Laptop feet are way too small - on EVERY unit you will Ever see. This does not allow for proper airflow. prove it to yourself at Best Buy. I have done this for kicks and to annoy the salesmen LOL. Go to best buy or other computer store and have them set up two identical laptops side by side. Install a program called Core Temp on each which measures the heat in your laptop. Core Temp

    I will slightly modify one of the models and the temp will always stay between 15 and 20 degrees cooler than the unmodified laptop! Of course everyone is shocked. What do I do? I place 4, 2 liter bottle caps under each corner of the laptop. That's all. Now you get much better airflow. All it takes is raising the laptop 3/4 of an inch further off the table top. The laptop makers Know this - they are killing your laptop slowly on purpose.

    So how to properly clean a laptop? If you feel comfortable download the service manual for your model and follow it to take apart your laptop to clean it properly. If you do not feel comfortable, take it to someone who does - just make sure they do it properly and do Not use any can of air. This coupled with using 4 bottle caps at the corners will help your laptop last years longer than it's intended to.

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    Believe you me, I have studied planned obsolescence and know all about it from an engineering standpoint and how today's engineers are forced to do things like that. There's a nice informative video on Youtube about it called "The Light Bulb Conspiracy":

    I don't believe that planned obsolescence is too much a part of computers or laptops, however.

    Really, the only thing that makes them fail for the most part is bad electrolytic capacitors (besides abuse such as power spikes, etc..). This is why that when you pay any decent amount for a motherboard or video card, they now come with Polymer (solid-state, no liquid) caps.

    They tell people to use compressed air because most are not tech. enough to open and clean. Compressed air is much, much better than nothing at all, over time.
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Laptop overheating conspiracy and what to do about it
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