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What utilities/ant virus software should i use

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    What utilities/ant virus software should i use

    G Day, I've recently finished building my first pc and I've installed windows 8.1 os everything is going well, but i'd like to get some antivirus/malware/ pc utilities software. Can anyone recommend some I have seen loads to choose from but they all seem to have both good and bad comments about them. I really would appreciate some advice.

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    Wow... you'll get lots of answers. Just about everyone has a different preference and for many reasons.
    I use MS Defender that came with Windows 8.1.
    But I also like Avast.

    Oh and welcome to the forum.

    PS, and don't forget the best antivirus is the one between your ears. Never ever click on a link that your not sure about. No matter how good any antivirus is it's always one step behind the bad guys.
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    Greetings Pebe, and welcome to Windows Eight Forums:
    "What's the best..." questions are tough to answer because they are quite opinion based. I am, however, more than willing to lend you my humble advice.
    First of all, seeing as you have a nice new, clean build, tweak it cleanly just the way you want it then make backups, create a system image, repair disk, a password recovery disk if necessary, or all of the above.
    For security, my advice would be to start out lite using Windows Defender, fully optimized with Smart Screen Filtering for files and internet fully engaged. Windows software 'plays' best with Windows systems.
    Malwarebytes has a nifty beta version for scanning. (Turn off Protection Module though or it may not 'play' nicely with Windows Defender)
    CCleaner is a versatile cleaning utility that works quite well providing that you set it up carefully.
    Try 2 or 3 out to start but don't load your machine with a lot of bloatware.

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, Pebe.

    As Jeff and Edwin have stated, you’ll get a lot of answers. I too use the built-in Defender. Haven’t had any problems. Our surfing habits and watching out for scams are really the best defense.

    You may want to look at these threads. There are a few more via the forum search.

    Anti-Malware resources I use and recommend...

    Some interesting AV market share info here...

    Which Anti Virus Should I Use To Protect Windows 8 ?

    Good luck to you and again welcome.
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    Windows Defender built into Windows 8 and the paid version ($25) of Malwarebytes. I don't need anything else.
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    Hey Guys thank so much for the replies, my first time in a forum and I can't believe the response... MY faith in man-kind re-kindled. seems like widows defender is a popular choice so i'll see how I go with it. Just one problem so far with my PC every time I switch off and then switch on my clock gives a different time and day, i'm assuming it is the CMOS battery could this be correct even though it is a new ASRock 990fx extr9 motherboard. Once again many many thanks for all your help.
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    Glad we could be of help, Pebe.

    So far as time > You may want to check the time in your BIOS. Also PC Settings. A few ways to get there. [Charms Bar > Settings > Change PC Settings > Time and Language] or [WinKey = W > Type "Date" > Select "Date and time settings] Make sure everything is correct there, especially Region.

    Mine is automatically synched to To set that either [WinKey + X > Select Control Panel (icons view) > Date and Time > Internet Time tab] or [Charms Bar > Settings > Control Panel (icons view) > Date and Time > Internet Time tab].

    Hope that helps.
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    Late entry here. I've been using Windows Defender and running MalwareBytes at least once a week. All good for months now.
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What utilities/ant virus software should i use
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