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How to avoid Windows 8.1 Automatic repair boot loop ?

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    Hi. I ran into this Automatic Repair loop problem on an HP Pavilion laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro. I tried everything suggested. I even used the 8.1 installation CD, but nothing worked. I was so disgusted that I was going to overwrite windows with Ubuntu Linux. However, I changed my mind and decided to try one last thing: Reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate and work forward from there The install started properly, and I chose the 1st option (on a system running a version of Windows). The install did whatever it did and told me to remove the CD, restart, and continue the installation. I did, and the computer came up into Windows 8.1 Pro with no missing files. Can anyone explain why Win 7 Pro worked and not Win 8.1? What is the issue here. I think, maybe, there is some sort of corruption happening in the boot file that was corrected by Win 7?

    This may help in determining the problem:

    I checked the Event Viewer for the system and the following events are noted as "A service was installed in the system."

    1. Service Name: gfutil
    2. Service file name: system32\drivers\gfutil.sys
    3. Service type: kernel mode driver
    4. Service Start Type: demand start

    there is also a similar Event for a service called "gfiark.sys"

    These are recurring events during the period the system was in the "Automatic Repair" loop.

    Also, an event labeled: "The start type of the Remote Registry was changed from disabled to demand start."
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    You might check some of the log file in the following directory. The SrtTrail.txt file may contain information about repair attempts.


    As far as the other files you mention, I did find this when I was searching for gfiark.sys. VIPRE Anti-Rootkit which may be involved in boot problems, but I have no experience with it...

    The Windows 7 install may have reset the Boot files and removed whatever was causing the original problem...hard to say. But the Windows 8 Repair process is hard to understand since it operates in secret.
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    Viper files

    You're right!! I am running Vipre, but I did not think of that and only check Microsoft's base--which has no knowledge of these files.
    This morning, I checked Vipre's site for information about these files, but they had no information about these files. I did check the error logs, but there were no issues listed.
    I am going to check these files out, as best I can, over the Net. Thanks for the information.
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    I did some tracking, and found "gfutil.h" as a a part of the "GitHub" configuration. I am using "GitHub" on my MAC OS X Maverick Server--of which my Laptop is connected via an application called "Splashtop"--which allows control o of a MAC by a Windows computer, and ViceVersa. The files, themselves, are a part of the "farm" file system which supports "scalable I/O performance in distributed environment." (http://data These are "Open Source" applications that I use to keep track of system changes made on my MAC, and on the code, as I program.
    I don't know how this got into my Startup files in Windows, but apparently it did. I am using "Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express", with "Splashtop" to access my MAC from my Windows computer, and ViceVersa, to work with, and run, C++ applications. Checked "Splashtop's" site, but no know edge there of these two files.
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How to avoid Windows 8.1 Automatic repair boot loop ?
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