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Small C Drive 20 GB .. Help Please

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    Small C Drive 20 GB .. Help Please

    Hi I have a Samsung Laptop with 20 GB :C Drive and 441 GB Drive ... The C is almost full hence i was trying to move some space to the C. Issue is that each are on two different Disks as displayed by the disk management tool. I would appreciate you help on how to increase the C space ... i tried to free some of the D however i failed to move that space to the Disk where the C is on. Thanks

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    If you have many programs installed on C: then this post:
    Moving Program Files folder to another partition

    might be useful. Or you could uninstall then reinstall on the other drive. But if done right the hard link should work fine. I used to move directories on Linux all the time and just make a link so that environment variables etc.. continued to work. In Windows you also need the Registry settings to keep working. They should also follow the link.

    If you have an external USB or other drive you may want to back everything up first.
    Also if your swap file is on C: you could move that to the other drive.

    Also system specs is helpful. Saves asking a bunch of "do you have this?" questions.
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    You probably should partition your big drive so that there are 3 partitions. The first where boot files are kept which would be called the system partition (100 MB size) and set as the active partition too. The second should be also a primary partition where you can have Windows and programs installed to, known as the boot partition (200-300 GB in size, as you wish) and the third partition also primary where you can move all the data on it now to be kept.

    When done, you can format the small drive then use it as your temp folder drive and pagefile drive.

    You can do a clone from boot partition and system partition of your current small C drive to the correct partitions on the big drive, when the big drive is ready.

    Acronis Disk Director is good to use for this.

    But, lots also depends on your bios - if it is UEFI or not.

    We can best help advise about it, if interested in doing something like this, if you post a screenshot of your current Disk Management screen.
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Small C Drive 20 GB .. Help Please
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