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Trying to use new win8 Disk to repair win8 on desktop But!

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    Ok, then open Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc). Click on Task Scheduler (Local).

    In the bottom middle of the program, double click on BackgroundContainer and then delete what it shows you at top.

    Reboot. Download/install Malwarebytes. Run it. Update the definitions. Use it to scan the machine and delete all it finds.

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    Oh man "Foot in mouth" moment.. I just checked my appdata/local and low and behold CONDUIT folder right in front of me! I opened it up and surprise.. Google chrome! this is another issue I was having and forgot to put on list.. Chrome is my favorite browser but recently had to delete it because same issue connecting to internet.. uninstalled, installed & uninstalled, installed again... but no luck.. thank god firefox is 95% as good as chrome (my opinion of course) fire fox & Explorer have no web connect issues... just chrome.
    oh.. and I just deleted the conduit folder. I think it came back after I once tried a system restore from earlier date.. Failed!!
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    Ya, it's a malware issue.

    If you follow my last post, it should be ok - but if you want the real deal advice - use Killdisk to wipe the hard drive and then install Windows from scratch. Otherwise, no telling what has been done and no guarantees of security.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterChief View Post
    your machine will thank you leaps and bounds with that Norton removed for various reasons.
    Seriously? I mean, I'm surprised first having no issues ever with Norton (2yrs now) and before I was always fighting the spy & malware but no longer became a issue after buying full version of online protection. second, I know you are very knowledgeable and pro level so I do take this statement from you seriously. which leads me to the question.. what do you do for the ol virus, spy, & malware computer condom?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathanr411 View Post
    what do you do for the ol virus, spy, & malware
    Thankfully, I have not seen any malware on any of my systems in many years, mostly due to this post I made: Security test results

    Some of my systems don't run any security software at all and on my machines with important stuff I couldn't fathom to lose, I run ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall (which has Kaspersky built in.)

    Lots of other good security practices, including a very long hosts file updated every so often manually from an online database.

    I also scan every so often with Malwarebytes just for happy thoughts.

    IMHO, Norton should be banned from making software, heh heh. Just an opinion.
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    WOW!! That's seriously eye opening stuff.. No issues at all you say? Well, that's solid proof right there... THANK GOD we had this discussion. My subscription is scheduled for renewal in 2 weeks.... I just may take your advice and save 50$
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Trying to use new win8 Disk to repair win8 on desktop But!
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