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[Help]Advanced Startup Option in Windows 8.1

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    AeonWorld's post has confused the issue....I will have to reconsider the situation when the OP responds......

    I suppose I am a little concerned about the possibility HP has some special setup that causes the partition to appear that way. So I have changed the post until we confirm your status. You can check the attachment below, which is for a UEFI install, and see if you show OEM for that partition as it does.

    Would you please go into the Admin command Prompt again and use Diskpart to select the partition and then do a detail partition command to make sure of the ID currently on it.

    lis dis
    sel dis 0
    lis par
    sel par 1
    det par

    An attach the results. Hopefully is shows as Type ID of 07.. If it does, then I will repost the procedure so you can try it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Easeus.JPG  
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    No. the post was not meant for you, but for the OP. I had not noticed that you had entered the thread and was addressing the op. (Who maybe does not have an envy15?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltgrass View Post
    Ok, another question and maybe another check.

    Have you ever used the EaseUS partition manager?

    Open up the Administrative command prompt again and check the partition types. When you run the commands, use the Disk number the OS is on if you have more than one drive.

    list disk
    select disk 0
    list partition

    Then attach the results. You can copy from a command prompt by right clicking and selecting mark. Then highlight what you want to copy and right click again.

    If one of the partitions shows a Type as OEM, we can fix that. If it does not, it may be something other than what I am thinking.

    This is my result
    Click image for larger version
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[Help]Advanced Startup Option in Windows 8.1
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