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    since upgrading from windows 7 on my apire 5552 laptop to windows 8.1 pro my laptop keeps crashing like 10 times and drives me mad, have't a clue why this is happening, i have unstalled and reinstalled windows 8.1 pro lots of times but still getting crashing, if i was to turn power of probley and shut laptop down at night come the next day its inpossible to get it up and running... im running 64bit operating system.

    any ideas or is it time to throw my laptop away?

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    just a thought might be hard drive issues but its only a thought,
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    Windows 8.0 x64

    any ideas or is it time to throw my laptop away?
    Perhaps there's a device where the W7 driver just does a better job. You could as last resort try putting W7 back on. Before that though, you should ask the moderator to move this post here:
    BSOD Crashes and Debugging - Windows 8 Forums

    Also read the info you should include, in the forum stickies.. Perhaps one of those specialists can fix you up.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center x64

    i just checked Acer's website for you. Here's the link : Acer | Download However, they only have Windows 7 driver's for your notebook. No Windows 8 or 8.1 driver's. What you can and should do is go to the link I provided and then do a search on Bing or Google for each driver listed and get them that way.
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    @brkkab123 i had a look at those drivers for windows 7 and you have to download them 1 at a time and there raw files which i use winrar 64 to open them with, im wanting to download them so i can install windows 7 again but need these drivers on to dvd disc.
    the software i use to burn the s.o image on to dvd is callled C.D BURNER XP, i used it to install windows 8.1 on it, but since the drivers are downloaded 1 at a time i carn't put all the drivers on to c.d burner xp as it wont let me, can i get these drivers on 1 file so i can burn them all together onto disc? hope you understand me, thank you
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    If you truly wish to install 7 again, all you'd need is your network driver ready before. Install that after 7 is done installing, and then you'd be ready to go get all else you need.

    If you want to save your 8 install so it works well, MilesAhead above has shown what to do for that. And thumbs up to
    brkkab123 too.
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    wish i had brains mate, you fab people on here allways have the right answers for me....truly grateful
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    on the link my man gave me i carn't seem to find network driver, theres only wirelessLAN driver, is this the correct one?
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    Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center x64

    Yes, it would be the wirelessLAN driver. Anything with LAN in it's name are network driver's. Do you use wired or wireless networking on your pc ? An easy way to know which your using is if your computer has a cable plugged into it, that's plugged into your router or cable/dsl modem, then you're using wired networking. If you just key in a network password into Windows and your pc doesn't have any cables plugged from it, into your router or cable/dsl modem, then you're using wi-fi, which is also known as wirelessLAN.
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    I now carnt load windows 7 not even windows 8.
    Im getting message RECOVERY
    Your P.C needs to be repaired.
    The operating system couldt be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors..file C.I.dll Error code 0xc0000098

    Gives me options to f8 startup settings but when i click some i just get this message again..
    My laptop was working fine last night on the forum when we spoke last then i installed 16 updates then was asked to restart p.c then it wouldt work again. Im using my phone to write this reply out.
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