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    Going to order a new hard drive tomorrow for my laptop. Just like to thank everyone who helped me and im grateful in all your replys..
    Thank you.

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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daviditfc View Post
    I now carnt load windows 7 not even windows 8.
    Im getting message RECOVERY
    Your P.C needs to be repaired.
    The operating system couldt be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors..file C.I.dll Error code 0xc0000098

    Gives me options to f8 startup settings but when i click some i just get this message again..
    My laptop was working fine last night on the forum when we spoke last then i installed 16 updates then was asked to restart p.c then it wouldt work again. Im using my phone to write this reply out.
    In the F8 startup settings is there an option for safe mode with command prompt ?
    or have you already tried it ?
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    Maybe it would be a good idea to suggest the first thing a poster does when their system is not working reliably, is disable auto-updates? Flooding a bunch of fixes into the situation is like guaranteed muddy waters.. if not a non-booting system.
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    There are options mate for safe mode but soon as i click f5 for safe mode it takes me back to the error message. I also tryed f4 safe mode with network and the same..
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    Trying to find some company online that sells hard drives but not having much luck on my mobile. Can someone link me to somewere that does next day delivery of a harddrive modle seagate momentus 5400.6 500GB
    My laptop is aspire 5552 was running windows 7.
    I have seen what i think is the harddrive modle but it has Sata in it and im not 100% sure if its the correct one.
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daviditfc View Post
    There are options mate for safe mode but soon as i click f5 for safe mode it takes me back to the error message. I also tryed f4 safe mode with network and the same..
    Sorry to hear that.

    Good luck with your new drive.
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    I'm in the United States, so I'm unsure of which companies are in your country. I use Newegg or Amazon, but I'm unsure if they can overnight to you outside of the U.S. Your notebook should have a 2.5" hard drive. I just did a search on Amazon and came across a Aspire 5552. It listed the hard drive size as 320 gb. It's probably SATA 2 3.0 gbps., not SATA 3 6.0 gbps. Do yourself a favor and get a 2.5" hard drive that's at least 500 / 700 GBs. or 1.0 tbs.
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    Is this the hard drive im after?
    2.5 5400.6 500GB HDD
    Manufacture code ST9500325AS
    Seagate momentus harddrive.
    Enclosing link for this now.
    This is very inportent for me.
    Thank u
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    Hi dave in my post crashing im trying to buy a hard drive for my aspire 5552 laptop.
    Details off my harddrive is seagate momentus 5400.6 500GB HDD
    Manufacture code is ST9500325AS
    I have left a link on my post crashes which will take u to this harddrive.. Please if u have time look at it and see if its the one i need to buy.....many thanks dave
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    If you are not overly concerned about battery life until next charge, then consider a 7200 rpm hdd which will give a lot better responsiveness to the machine.
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