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Power plan settings keeps on reverting back after restart

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    Power plan settings keeps on reverting back after restart

    Good day everyone!

    I just had my laptop install Windows 8.1 tonight. It's a clean install, by the way. Now the problem is I noticed that every time I restart my laptop it's power plan reverts back to "power saver", I had it set on "high performance" before. I own a Samsung laptop, model is NP535U3C-A01, Series 5.

    Processor: AMD A6-4455
    Memory: 8 GB
    Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7500G

    Oh and one more thing... it stops charging at 99%.

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    There may be some specific power drivers and software for that particular laptop, look on their website in the support section for device drivers and support programs.

    Usually Samsung and Toshiba laptops will have some kind of special power software, so you would have to download that and set the power settings in that software otherwise it will keep on reverting every time you reboot.
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    Windows 8.1

    Well, I know that I've installed all the drivers provided by Samsung but I noticed that in my notifications menu it says there's a missing driver and it's the Radio HID Mini. I know I've installed it since I have the driver installers with me. And when I try to install it the setup says there's no need for me install since it's already installed. Mmm, I'm pretty much confused now.
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    My Acer laptop came with an "Acer power manager" program that did the same thing. I can't remember the exact name since I uninstalled it. That did solve the problem, however! Perhaps Samsung has the same kind of app - check the "uninstall" list in Control Panel.

    I guess the manufacturers just love to try to manage all aspects of the PC for you. This is fine for the clueless user, but it only frustrates someone who wants to tweak things to their liking.

    Kind of like Apple.
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    If you install the latest version of AMD Catalyst Software maybe the issue regarding the power plan could be fixed since you can edit that on the program itself... as for the missing driver, uninstall it and then reinstall it (a reboot is suggested for better results)! Hope that helped!
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    I had the same problem with my Samsung Laptop, NP520U4C-A01UB. I purchased a Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD and did a clean install to Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1. While optimizing my SSD with the Samsung Magician software, I change the OS Optimization to High Performance and enabled Rapid Mode. Did a benchmark on performance and the numbers were great.

    Later, I opened the Samsung Settings app, and changed Silent Mode from Off to Auto. This actually changed alot of things. The power saver went from High Performance to Power Saver, and my SSD benchmark numbers dropped dramatically. Thankfully it was a clean install and I hadn't install much yet, so I was able to remember what I did in the previous couple of days.

    In short, I do use the Samsung Settings software to change things like how much to charge the battery - currently only to 80%. However, if you change the Silent Mode feature, it will change your power options and SSD performance. I've attached some screenshots to help show.

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    I am having the same problem on my windows 8.1 samsung laptop. I've tried almost every suggestion, i didn't worked. I'm having this problem for more than 6 month. sometimes It works fine and then some problem. Can anyone help me with this.
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Power plan settings keeps on reverting back after restart
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