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Windows 8.1 computer takes 4 minutes to shut down

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    Slow shutdown time on Windows 8.1

    A few months ago I purchased a Dell XPS 8700 3.4GHz Intel i7 4770 w/ 24GB RAM and a 2TB HDD. Everything has been running smoothly up until recently. I started noticing that the computer took around 3-5 minutes to shutdown. However everything else including start up is smooth and fast. Any new ideas as to the cause? Thanks

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    You OBVIOUSLY haven't bothered to read any of this thread!

    If you had, you would know that the slow shutdown problem is caused by your Bluetooth drivers.

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    Sorry I should have said. I updated the Bluetooth drivers already which is why I said any new ideas. However still had the problem. Just recently though while restarting I ran into the so called blue screen of death for the first time on this PC. The error was: DRIVER_POWER_FAILURE. I'm still not really sure what to do.
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    When you say "updated" I assume you mean that you rolled the driver BACK to

    Sorry, no other ideas at the moment.
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    I am no expert but I find that sometimes the computer will naturally slow down the more you do stuff on it before you shutdown but usally comes back fresh and speedy after it has rested for a bit.
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    Try this command: (you need the WSDK installed)

    xbootmgr -trace shutdown -noPrepReboot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER -resultPath C:\TEMP

    That gives you graphs with great detailed traces that are stored in C:\Temp.
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Windows 8.1 computer takes 4 minutes to shut down
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