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win 8 on my netbook

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    win 8 on my netbook

    so i pulled out an old acer aspire 1 netbook that had been gathering dust and thought why not pop windows 8 on and see how it goes.

    prior to doing this i booted it up to see how quick or slow it was and it wasn't very impressive with xp and 2gb ram.

    win 8
    win8 installed easily minor issue with the display driver but if thats all i had to deal with i was not worried.

    did some checking to see how it performed.....i was stunned to silence (also got it on my desktop spare hdd).

    boots to start in 12 secs
    shuts down in 3 secs
    from sleep to start is 2-3 secs

    uses less ram....a lot less
    runs nearly everything and fully integrated with all hardware right away (bar the display driver).

    minor issues doesn't run the apps due to resolution being 1024x 600, couldn't force it to 1024 x 768 but i suspect that will be sorted in the beta version or at least i hope it will be.

    overall it runs smooth despite the age of the netbook the applications that do work with the resolution run brilliantly and there is little difference to my far more powerful desktop, sure there is some but no where near what i was actually expecting, the lag before opening apps and such is minimal.

    while i'm not a big fan of the whole OS i have my reservations on my netbook the OS really shines through as a very well coded piece of software...if only bioware could optimise swtor to this degree.

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    Am I int the right place?
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    Windows 7 x64 Home Premium / Commodore OS Vision / Windows 8 Release preview

    But keep in mind, this is just Developer preview, there will be more services and features in actual version, so it will turn a lot more slower. If you have used Windows Developer preview (windows 7) you might remember how fast it was then. But when the beta came in, it turned slower

    Luckily you don't need anything than your grandma's "Calculator" and it's ready for windows 8, it will not need that much performance
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    from what i understood from the keynote speeches there won't be more services running, that is one of the reasons the OS is going to work well on multiple platforms across many hardware variations including smaller tablets.

    windows 7 is a not really something we can use as a performance benchmark or comparison guide here as they are not even remotely similar in how win 8 is being targeted towards mobile machines.

    but it could get worse i just don't see how, i should have mentioned it was running aero and such as well with no issues when i said i was stunned i really meant it, it would take a colossal screw up on Microsoft's side to make this run slower now.
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win 8 on my netbook
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