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DVD-R burning more then 1 hour! Super slow Burning DVD-R

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    I've used ImgBurn since 1.0. Also I've found doing verifies to be a complete waste of time. I've never found any correlation between a verify run and how a disc plays or reads in a drive.

    Edit: in fact about the only real use I have for erasable discs is for burning a DVD5 version to check it out in a player before burning a DVD9.

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    Oh, I have learned to live by verifying the disk. Windows Explorer WILL give you an error message if Verification fails.

    I have to "Burn and Run" - I mean, I have to burn a particular disk, and drive to a shop and work on a system. If the disk I just burnt was not quite right, that's a whole wasted day, especially if I have to drive 50 miles or more.

    I used to not bother, until this happened so many times it was counterproductive, I HAVE to have a viable disk, some of these places have NO internet.

    It takes time to do it, but most new DVD/CD writers read fast. The Lite On in this system here, verifies the image in one minute for a SL DVD, it takes maybe 5 minutes for a DL DVD. Its much faster for CD disks.

    (Actually, like to use rewritables for jobs like that, and I have dozens of DVD and CDRWs laying around. But they are just not RELIABLE, they do not read in every machine, and even on some machines, I popped one in, and it WOULD NOT READ it and insisted I download a program to allow packet reading and writing. That sound right? Anyway I can buy 3 Phillips CDs for 99 cents at the 99 cent store, 30 for 10 bucks)
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    If it works for you I encourage you to continue. Perhaps it made no matter to my burns because I bought a string of HP Media Center PCs. I tried verifications, burn quality graphs, yadda yadda. The only indication I found that mattered was putting the disc in a player.

    But things work differently on different hardware.

    Edit: In my experience if I got a number of bad burns it was almost always due to my system not liking the media. Even from one HP desktop with burner from the same maker, slightly different model, I'd have to feed it different brands of DVD+R. I found with most off the shelf discs it was nearly impossible to know who really made them. Sometimes I got lucky with OfficeMax Verbatim 16x DVD+R spindles but those 5 and 10 packs, forget it. Spindles from Supermediastore and Meritline worked best for me for the most part.
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DVD-R burning more then 1 hour! Super slow Burning DVD-R
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