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Lost 15 GB over the past months for nothing.. realized now

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    Your pagefile is like ..... extra memory that windows writes to the disc when needed. It should be turned off with a ssd, imho. Same with the hibernate function. Turning both off will save space AND wear and tear on your ssd.

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    Does it show at what time how much space was used?
    Yes it does
    Click image for larger version

    Or is there a graph that shows how the disk space went down over a few months?
    Yes there is
    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version
    Now be a good sport,and give that app the chance to help you as it did help many,not much to lose,you are already 15 Gigs short.Your pagefile seems enormous,one Giga and sometimes 200 MB are more than enough and you are right,this one is set like this before any disk "consumption" (unless changed recently by some restoration or repair maybe?).

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    Thanks for the posts above, that's cool but it's the professional one (paid) that displays the graphs, which I am not willing to use. Anyway, I take it the problem is in those 2 files. And yes, I am with SSD on C: drive, im with 16 GB RAM.

    Other sources say it is bad to turn it off *hibernation) as it helps how fast Win 8 boots, so what is best % to go?

    Also what about the page file, what % is best to go?
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    Download the free version and upgrade it to pro for a 30 day trial,should be enough to "see" your file escalation.As for the ideal pagefile size,with 16GB of ram i wouldnt worry if it were set anywhere between 1024 and 2048,only specific applications that demand a paged filed will make (if any) use of it.
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    Yes, simply use some small pagefile, maybe choosing the min \ max size function, with a small min and the max as big as you want, chances are it'll never grow above the min. & just turn off hibernation and see how it feels, no harm, can be turned on again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by indianacarnie View Post
    Your pagefile is like ..... extra memory that windows writes to the disc when needed. It should be turned off with a ssd, imho. Same with the hibernate function. Turning both off will save space AND wear and tear on your ssd.
    Do NOT turn off the pagefile even with a ssd. This is very bad advice IMHO. Having a lot of memory, it might not be used much.. But when you need it, if you have 0 pagefile, you'll get a memory error and crash. Moreover when you crash, the system dumps the memory to your pagefile, if you have none you'll have no idea what happened. So you should at the minimum have a pagefile equal to your ram for the dump. The best setting is to let windows decide, it will grow with your needs.
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    I dont think giving away 16GB of precious SSD-space for memory dump files is practical at todays Gig/$ rate.OP has been advised to keep his pagefile at a minimum of one or two gigs,even 200 MB could be enough if he has no paged-file demanding application.And if indianacarnie says they (hiber and page) can be turned off,he should know better,take my word for it.
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    Well, I certainly could give it even half of those (currently 16 to be 8GB same for hybernation) but letting Windows decide is a big 'no', windows is known to decide a lot of stupid things (like Windows updates for example and what happens to your space and folders if you let it recklessly install). In that case I will just halve those two files pagefile even says 5618 MB (recommended), thanks for the advice.
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    I allow 800MB for a pagefile on my SSD, which provides for a dump file, and let Windows manage an additional pagefile on another disk.
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    You can delete those files with no harm - If you can get to them, I use Mini XP to do it, when I need to. Then I use something like Defraggler to get the rest of the drive while it is not mounted. But I don't like to use Defraggler on new systems and especially with SSD drives, I have ruined one once with Defraggler.

    But those files always get re-made, clearing them may clear out an error or something, but thats about it.

    A better thing to do would be to get Raxco Perfect Disk and use it to optimize your Hiberfil and pagefile. There is also another swap file called "Swap.sys" I think.

    Raxco defrags your HD, then it defrags your Swap Files during a boot time defrag, I have it installed on to all of my systems, the first week, it slows you down because it is optimizing, after that, it speeds you up, because it prevents fragmentation.

    If you are like me and all of your systems stay ON 24/8, then you should try PD.
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Lost 15 GB over the past months for nothing.. realized now
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