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screen turns off while watching Youtube videos. why?

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    screen turns off while watching Youtube videos. why?

    I have installed windows 8.1 pro . when I watch YouTube videos and remain inactive for a while then screen gets dimmer and then turns off. I could understand when nothing was done then screen would go idle but the video is running and screen turns off ...isn't it frustrating? so how to keep screen alive while watching YouTube videos but it should turn off when pc is inactive(other cases when video is not playing) ....what's the wrong going

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    I don't know how you could detect a video was playing. You could probably get a "keep alive" macro that would move the mouse or simulate the shift key being depressed and released on the keyboard, to keep the screen from going dark. But I don't know how you could automate starting and stopping the macro in sync with the video.

    One crude way to do it may be to use my RunGroup utility to run the keep alive macro, then your browser. When the browser is closed the macro would close. There may be smoother ways of doing it though. I'd ask on AutoHotkey.

    You can download my RunGroup utility from here: Miles Ahead Software
    Basically you designate one program as "the master" and the others as sub-programs.
    The master is run, then the subprograms. When all the sub-programs are closed, the master is closed. Then the launcher control is closed. It's just a simple scripting toy.
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    Another way might be to download those videos (there are various ways to fetch them from youtube, try Google Search : download youtube), and then play them on your regular media player. I know vlc has an option to disable the screensaver, others may have the same.

    Or you could tweak your power management settings : control panel > power options > choose when to turn off the display. 30 mins works for me.

    Or you could create a shortcut to on the desktop to switch easily to the high performance power plan (or a custom one) before browsing youtube : on the desktop right click > folder > type PowerOptions.{025A5937-A6BE-4686-A844-36FE4BEC8B6D}

    Another solution might be this : Mouse Jiggler | PCWorld it simulates mouse activity.
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screen turns off while watching Youtube videos. why?
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