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my windows 8 has gone insane

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    my windows 8 has gone insane

    hi I`m rick chubka and I`m new to these forums, so forgive me if I don`t post things correctly. I have a Toshiba satellite laptop running wind. 8 to my everlasting regret. it has gone crazy. no matter what I do it will jump off web pages, close my browser, when I scroll it opens box saying int. explorer has stopped working, then jump to a webpage in German. it wont allow me to use any apps or change any settings, saying I have to change administrators or I`m the wrong administrator. it says I have to activate windows now, but then won`t give me the product key and I must BUY a new key. I have junked 3 brand new laptops in the last 8 months because they all died within 1 or 2 months. now my latest laptop is glitching up everywhere, and I can tell it`s just about to shit the bed for good. I have had many "experts" "fix" my laptops, only to have them totally f up within 3 days. I hope someone out there can help I`m giving my phone # because that`s how I work best at taking instructions to do repairs, but I know that a lot of computer people and geeks don`t like using the phone, but I hope you will make an exception this once. even if not, please respond anyway, and I`ll do my best to follow the instructions for the fix. I thank you for your time.
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    I'm not an expert, but have you looked into the possibility that your laptop is infected with malware? Maybe try posting in the security section of this board and see if someone there can be of assistance.

    There's also a program called Malwarebytes which has a free version and a trial version of their malware detection and removal tool. They also have a message board where you can receive one on one assistance free of charge from experts. That board might be worth checking out as well. is their main site, and from there you can click on the support tab, then consumer support, and the forums show up as one of the choices. Best of luck to you.

    BTW, probably not a good idea to post your phone number and e-mail address on a public board, unless you want to get inundated with spam and telemarketing and/or crank phone calls.
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    If you had many "Experts" "Fix" your laptop, more than one is too many. I agree it could be a virus, I just eradicated one yesterday that was another fake Antivirus, "Windows Enterprise Defender" and it had over 700 reg entries blocking access to parts of the OS, like Task Manager and MSconfig as well as hard blocks on all Antivirus programs, but I was able to get Eset into it and Malwarebytes.

    Viruses can and will make your machine do all kinds of crazy things, so you should check it out, start by taking out the hard drive and scanning it with another computer, then put it back into the machine, and install Eset or something else and scan it again. Scanning a drive on an external machine will get the virus bodies out, but not any of the deeply rooted registry infections, for that you have to scan ON the infected OS.

    Programs that will not find any of these major viruses are Mcafee and Norton, ones that will are Avira, Eset and Kaspersky, with varying results. And Malwarebytes as well. Not to mention google TDSSKILLER and "Eset Sirefef Removal Tool" and download those and run them.

    You will be able to tell if you have Sirefef, because Google will not be available, even though other websites are, and you will not be able to download any Antivirus Tools, it will be blocked. To disable Sirefef just enough to download the tools, open My Computer and go to Program Files/Windows Defender folder and rename it. Because Sirefef, which is abot the worst Virus you can get, will take over Defender and use THAT to prevent any other antivirus from being downloaded or run.
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    IF you got the install disk i would just reinstall the operating system if you cant do yourself take it to a good reputable computer store that does work on PC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
    IF you got the install disk i would just reinstall the operating system if you cant do yourself take it to a good reputable computer store that does work on PC.
    Absolutely. Fixing this mess would take forever.
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    If you've junked that many laptops in such a short time, I have to say, respectfully, that the problem is YOU - your surfing habits, tweaking you may be doing, things you're installing (and where you're getting them from), whatever. Others have given good advice about how to fix what's wrong with your Toshiba, but it will be to no avail unless you take a hard look at what you're doing with these machines.
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    Hi Rick,

    maybe you and I can trade abilities here;

    I bought another brand new Ford Fiesta and go mud bogging in it every day. I also have never taken a driving lesson and I love running those reds. I've paid my neighbour's 11 year old to fix it, and also this guy with a roll of duct tape who said he was from Ford. I have to get a new car every couple of months man. You a good mechanic?

    Seriously,the best decision you will make right now, is to go and buy yourself some basic computer books, or take a course on the weekends or something. You will have more money, and computers, as a result, I promise. Also take your PC to a store and tell them to wipe and reload your OS for you.
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my windows 8 has gone insane
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