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Windows 8.1 memory issue

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Windows 8.1 memory issue

    Good evening everyone,

    just a few days ago I've moved on from Win 7 home premium to Win 8.1 pro (official distribution channels only ) and i've ran into some problems... I wasn't able to google my problem (maybe i just didn't know how to formulate my problem since i'm not a native english speaker), so I am politely asking you guys...

    My computer keeps telling me that I'm running out of memory, yet when i open taskmgr, this is what i get:
    Click image for larger version

    First off, i don't even know how much memory I'm using atm. 2.3gigs ("In Use"), or maybe 3.4gigs (top right corner, memory tab), or maybe even 5.1gigs. I mean, what?!

    Now when committed memory reaches full 6gigs, apps start to crash (i do not use virtual memory), even though "In Use" memory is only around 3gigs (and that's about right - when i opened a few chrome tabs, a few PDFs and a Visual Studio plus Keil IDE back in windows 7, I always ended up using just around 3-3.5gigs).

    So where did that other 3gigs of memory go and can I fix this somehow?

    The computer is not exactly cutting edge stuff, apart from the ssd (overclocked Q6600 on P45 chipset, 6gigs of DDR2 memory, ati radeon 5770, HyperX3K 120GB SSD), but it had no problems running windows 7 and all my apps (and it still had half the memory free), so why this?

    Thank you for your time, if you need any more information, i'll provide.


    P.S. and there's another thing that i could use some help with - i have limited access to my system disk even as an administrator (for example, none of my apps can write directly to the root folder, unless given administrator permission - and since i often use files like "C:\testdata.fileextension" for convenience, it annoys me quite a bit. Also some of my apps can't even save their own config files, because they can't write into their own Program Files folder! What the hell!).

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    It appears that the commit charge is hitting the commit limit and that is what is causing the problem. The commit limit is RAM size plus pagefile size minus a small overhead. The commit charge is difficult to explain but has nothing to do with how much RAM you might have available.

    One of the problems with disabling the pagefile is the major reduction in the commit limit. With no pagefile that will be slightly less than RAM size. For your current workload you NEED a pagefile or more RAM.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Okay, thank you, but is there an explanation why is the "in use" value and "Committed" value so different (and the value in the top right corner is also different)? On my laptop (with the same w8.1pro 64b system), for example, the "Committed" value is always only about 10-15% higher (not 100%+ higher like on the desktop) than the other two values, which are pretty much identical on the laptop. If I work with the same applications on my laptop, I get nowhere near 6gigs (it's more like 3,5gigs) of Committed memory (it's an Intel i5 Sandy-Bridge based thinkpad x220 laptop with 8gigs of DDR3 memory with pagefile also turned off)...
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    There is no relationship between commit charge and "in use memory". They are totally different concepts. Any apparent relationship is more coincidence than anything else.
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Windows 8.1 memory issue
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