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Scanning and repairing drive

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    Scanning and repairing drive

    Hello everyone,
    Im using windows 8.1 which came out with my laptop.
    Problem is that, that "scanning and repairing drive ( c : )" stuck at 10% completed...
    Today I installed latest TuneUp utilities program, and it recomended me to use ' disk doctor' , after that, Ive restarted laptop as it asked, and now all i see is HP logo and that line, where it says ' S. and R. drive C : 10% completed ..
    It been like that for a hour or so...
    I had did disk scan n repair month ago as well, but then everything worked without any problems. Then (month ago) and now, while this scan and repair is working, I hear some kind of sounds coming out from my laptop. Like clunking,very quiet beepinv or clicking something like that( never heard these sounds, while i boot and use my laptop normaly).
    Ive red in this forum about same situation, but didnt got correct answer.

    Is there anyway to cancel this scan? I tried holding power button and restarting like that- on boot it goes on s and r. again, and stucks at 10% ..
    If no, how long it will take to scan and fix c disk, if it has 1TB in in?

    Thanks for reading, i hope somebody will answer :c

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    wizthis, I assume you're running chdsk? I have a one TB drive as well and it took several hours to complete. For me it was stuck at 27%. How long it actually took, I don't know as I walked away and left it alone; it was several hours at least. I found no way to stop it so I just let it run.
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    Hi, I just got tired of waiting, so removed battery, restarted laptop, and it suggest me to refresh my laptop. I did it - now my laptop has factory settings and w8 version again, insteed of w8.1 like i used to have thanks to update. Well, everything fixed, hope no more such mistake
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    OK, now that you've been through that mess, do what we've been Shouting from the Rooftops for years......

    Backup! Backup! Backup!

    Never touch your OS, until you have a complete backup of your C: drive, safely tucked away someplace on a separate drive or removable media, like a DVD.

    FREE backup programs abound and are talked about all the time on these internet forums.
    I use an old DOS ver. of Ghost, from a DOS boot disk, CD or Flash Drive, other guys prefer Acronis True Image, and the list goes on and on. But to work right, the Backup/Restore program must NOT be on your hard drive.

    I also prefer to do a backup followed immediately by a Restore, to verify that the Backup Image File is viable.
    Ghost restores files one at a time, in sequential order, just like they were copied, so the restored version is 100% free of any fragmentation. I call that "The Worlds Best Defrag".

    Good Luck!
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Scanning and repairing drive
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