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System Memory not used completely

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    System Memory not used completely


    I have Windows 8.1 x64 installed. In the task manager, it shows me that 35% Memory is used. Now, when I add up all the Memory MB's within the task manager it goes to around 1100MB maximum.. On my machine, I have 8GB RAM and it also shows the same in the system about window since I have the 64-bit windows installed.

    Doing a quick calculation of (1200/8000)*100 = 15..So, my system memory should display 15% used. Then why is it still showing around 37%? I have also tried running virus scans but have no infections as such... Also, one of the biggest memory hoggers is the 'Service Host: Local System'.

    Pls help! Thanks...

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    Windows caches a lot of stuff and is just reserved memory which will be released to programs when needed. No need to worry about it. Memory is there to be used, not to stay empty.
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    Adding up the the numbers in the memory usage column rarely provides meaningful results. With default column configuration these numbers aren't even the full usage of a process. And there are also some very significant users of memory that are not processes. There is the non paged pool, the resident portion of the paged pool, the file cache, and more. Memory management in a modern OS is very complex and cannot be accounted for with simple math. Task Manager doesn't provide enough information to make this possible.

    Your memory usage seems quite normal.
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    great..thanks a lot for your response..but then, is there some way to roll down the CPU usage of the Service Host:Local System thingy? It eats up like about 40-70% of the CPU even when I have just 2 browser windows a an excel program open. My laptop fans are also running like crazy due to this. Any idea how to fix this?
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    Maybe some research, on just what Service Host is and what it does, would be in order.

    In XP, there were a lot of services running by default, in the background, and at least 24 of them could either be shut down completely or put into Manual mode, only to start when some program required them. In every version of Windows since XP, the number of services has increased. Have you ever counted the number of background Services running in Windows 8.n ???

    Again, some research is required, to determine just how many of those services you really need. Shutting down UN-Needed services will go a long ways toward getting better performance out of your PC.

    But if you'll just enjoy Windows at the Desktop level, and not worrying about the nuts and bolts, you'll be a much happier PC user. Eh?

    Sounds to me that your PC is working normally!

    Good Luck and Happy Computing!
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System Memory not used completely
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