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Windows 8.1 vs. 8.0: mouse accelaration

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    Windows 8.1 vs. 8.0: mouse acceleration


    I am currently testing a Samsung ATIV book 9 (not plus) with Win 8.0 pre-installed.

    I have checked cursor acceleration (precision) in the mouse settings and moved the lever all to the right.

    The Samsung has a Elantech Touchpad and I also checked all additional settings of the driver software.

    The problem is that the touchpad is definitely too slow for my taste. I am also testing an ASUS Zenbook UX301LA and touchpad acceleration speed for navigation across the whole screen was much better and this did not come at the cost of bad precision in short-range navigation, or in mid-range).

    Both laptops are FHD (1080p) and set to 100% desktop zoom. I have them here for testing purpose prior to making a purchase.

    My question: I have read that Windows 8.1 has better support for high res displays (consider 1800p!). This naturally also comes with new requirements in mouse pointer handling: 1800p displays (sic, not 1080) require, when set to 100%, very well programmed acceleration to allow for both short range precision and swiping across the whole screen. Also, I read that Win 8.1 has had its mouse pointer handling changed, cf. reports on gamers experiencing lag etc.

    ==> Could anyone please tell if upgrading to 8.1 provided them with an extended range of mouse acceleration/speed? I.e. if you had you settings set to max in in windows 8.0, was is now possible to set it to a quicker, respectively was it automatically set to a quicker speed that you noticed, and set it back (or kept the new speed as an improvement)? Thanks a lot for your feedback!!!

    PS. On the asus, the pointer would go about twice as far with a short, quick swipe, than on the Samsung.
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Windows 8.1 vs. 8.0: mouse accelaration
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