I have some problem with my Windows8, that it use alot of RAM when I'm running torrent.
However, my connection speed is 100MBs, so I'm uploading torents most of the time at speed of 10MB/s. On my desktop PC with windows7, everything works just fine ... torrent use only like 100MB of ram and that's all. Total usage of ram is about 1,5GB normally.
Somehow on my notebook with windows 8.1 I have some isues. When I start torrent and it's running for a hour or more, my RAM load get's to 3,5GB of total 4GB avalible memory. Everything is closed, except torrent running and seeding. When I open task manager if shows that torrent is using only 70MB of ram. But after I close my torrent, RAM usage drops from 3,5GB to 1,2GB ... somewhere around those numbers.
I checked on the web about that a bit and users are saying that this is not because of torrent but because windows cache or something like that. No idea wht exactly, but torrent itself is not using that much ram.

So I would like to ask what is using more then 2GB of my RAM, when my torrent is running.
And also can someone help me fix that, so windows won't use so much RAM when torrent is seeding?

Best Regards,