I've been messing about with file history recently and I'm having difficulty using it. Here's briefly what I've done with it :

  • Messed around a bit with an external drive, let it run
  • Updated Window's 8 to 8.1, drive name somehow changed from OS(G: ) to OS(H: ) and there was a recovery partition created within the drive that was called Recovery(G: )
  • File History would no longer pick up this drive, seemed to be trying to find OS(G: )
  • I deleted the partition and changed the name from OS(H: ) to OS(G: ), and it was formatted.
  • File History still wouldn't pick the drive up
  • I brought a new external hard drive.
  • File History wouldn't let me use the new external Hard Drive as an option
  • I cleared out the Config and Catalog files from File History Appdata ( i think that's where they were ) - File history no longer looks for OS(G: ), has allowed me to bring the new drive into the main File History Screen, but it still doesn't work
  • I cleared out the event's log's from Device Manager - still doesn't work

So currently whenever I try to run File History my process is as follows -

Connect external HD
Open File History
Select 'Turn file history on'

I am then greeted by a message asking if I want to suggest this location to my Homegroup, no matter what option I select I get the following error message :

So I'm at a complete loss as to what I'm meant to do