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how can I move my hidden system partition

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    how can I move my hidden system partition

    I am trying to create a system image backup and I keep getting this error message

    [COLOR=#FF0000]'Threre is not enough disk space to create the volum shadow copy on storage location. Make sure that for all volume to be backup up, the minimum disk space required for shadow copy creation is available. this applies to both the backup storage destination and volume included in the backup. Minimum requirement for Volumes less than 500 megabytes, the minimum is 50 megabyte of free space. for voulimes more than 500 megabytes, the minimum is 320 megabytes of free space. Recommended at least 1 gigabytes free of disk space on each volumes if volumes size is more than 1 gigabytes (0x80780119)"

    I am backing it up to a external HDD with over a tb of free space but I understand its not letting me perform the backup because the hidden 100mb hidden system partition is full...if i create a larger partition how can I copy that system partition to it? if that is possible....thanks guys

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    its not letting me perform the backup because the hidden 100mb hidden system partition is full
    Absolutely correct!

    Hi vafangool,

    Since, the System Imaging process requires "at least' 50Mbs of free space (in each) partition for the process to work, I would recommend that you make the switch to this free alternative that is faster and also gives you more options. For example it allows you to save multiple backups; whereas, the inherent method does not. BTW, its going to get even worse when you make the switch to 8.1 so you might just want to make the switch right now.

    Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

    Try it and I am sure you will like it! Hope this helps.

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    its not letting me perform the backup because the hidden 100mb hidden system partition is full...
    You will only have 100mb partition if you upgraded from Windows 7.

    Take a look at Post 39.
    Latest Win 8.1 ISO "Breaks" System Image Functionality
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    Thanks guys..I think I have seen something about the Macrium software before....And Theog That paragon software is free? I saw you used it to extend that recovery partition... I am able to do that while windows is running? I am already on 8.1 and the 100mb reserved partition is already full....
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    Theog you used the pro version? It wont let me do it with the free version....
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    Hi there
    IMO these FREE backup systems are better than NOTHING but a few dollars spent on a commercial product is money WELL spent however you look at it.

    I use Acronis -- then it's easy -- just backup the hidden recovery partition and your current OS and then delete the Hidden recovery partition from your HDD -- you've got more space and if you need to restore to factory you've got the backup. Backup to EXTERNAL HDD.

    However using Macrium Free - you should be able to backup these partitions to an external HDD - then as above delete the recovery partition from your main HDD.

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    I had backed them up using macrium but if I delete the hidden partition I wont need to restore it immediately? Isnt the bootmgr file held there for booting?
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how can I move my hidden system partition
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