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    CPU usage procceses

    So suddenly today when i was playing BF4 i noticed that the game started to be very jittery, then i tab down the game and sees this. As you can se System and desktop manager takes kinda much cpu usage. Since im playing without vsync on BF4 my CPU usage will be high. And if i just go 20% more it will begin to lag. So it is really important to me to keep it as low as i can. But they're are now running in the backround when i play bf4, and i ll got less fps. Does anyone know what they does. I scanned my PC With Malwarebytes,AVG Antivirus (Quick scan on malwarebytes). And no results. So i dont think it is a virus, but sometimes it goes up to 20% and my games start to lag. I never had this problem yesterday. So what should i do,

    Thankful for all help.Click image for larger version

    Both System and desktop manager have kinda high cpu usage. I never had that before
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CPU usage procceses
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