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Backing Up with File History

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    Backing Up with File History

    I'm trying to backup my Quicken data files using File History. I tried creating a new Library folder and moving the files into it, but they don't backup to my external HD when using File History. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

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    Not sure what it could be. I'll tell you how I do mine. Right-click on libraries create new library. Go to the folder you want backed up right-click and add to library choosing the one you created. I use it to backup appdata and other partitions and haven't had any issues.

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    Thanks for the info; it seems to be working.
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    Hi -

    I tried CyberSar's suggestion...

    Create new library My Data
    Select C:\users\username\appdata add to library My Data

    But it is not backing up (yes, FH is turned on)
    Also, when I look at desktop in FH, it has the items that were there when I first turned FH on, but nothing that has been added since?

    Any ideas?
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    A one time backup, or a daily backup? That is the question.
    You can make it as simple as clicking on a backup batch file's shortcut, or as complicated as you want to make it.
    And it looks like you're going the more complicated route.

    I'm Old School, so I do a lot of things, that I'm going to do over and over again, with a batch file. That's what it was meant for in the first place. (to automate repetitive tasks)

    I back up all the data files on my C drive, almost every day, to a 32 gig Flash Drive, left permanently plugged into the back of my PC, and to a 1TB External Hard Drive, also left plugged in all the time.

    * Any backup is 100% worthless, unless it's to someplace other than your main hard drive.

    This one line in my Backup Batch File, backs up My Documents and everything stored in folders under it.

    xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\%UserName%\My Documents\*.*" "D:\My Documents\" /s /y /H /R /D

    During the first backup, every file is copied, then during subsequent backups only new or modified files are copied.
    Above is just one line from my Batch file. To back up all my data files on my hard drive, requires several lines, one for each location on the drive that I want backed up. My daily backup requires that I click on ONE desktop shortcut and then takes only a few seconds to complete and all my data files are safely backed up to TWO External drives.

    I like to do as many things as I can by the K.I.S.S. method. (Keep it simple Sam!)

    Cheers Mate! I hope you get it sorted out.
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    Thanks TechnoMage -

    I Have FH set for daily backups, to a 500GB external hard drive (always plugged in)

    I also do a Macrium Reflect image backup once a month (to the same external drive), and then make a copy of the image to a 80GB external (only plugged in while I do the copy).

    So if it is just finger trouble, I can recover from any previous day (since starting FH)
    If it's a system crash, I can probably still recover from the external drive
    If the system crash killed my external as well, worst case I can go back to my offline 80GB system image (no more than 1 month old).

    That's the theory...

    I've just noticed that the apps data is there now (Maybe I was looking at a history screen from before I added it?)

    But the desktop still only shows some of the items that are on the desktop (these are mostly just shortcuts, so not a major)

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Backing Up with File History
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