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Visual anomalies + Windows Backup prompts

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    Visual anomalies + Windows Backup prompts

    I'm just going to put this as briefly as I can.

    I've been having THIS sort of thing happen to me lately:

    Click image for larger version

    I have my desktop wallpapers to show up on Start.
    Every now and then, after I log in and go to my desktop, something just like that appears in the top left. Whenever I double-click it, it jumps over to the spot shown here.
    After that, I cannot double-click it again or do ANYTHING about it. Except probably restart my computer.

    And then we got this visual artifact that results from it:

    Click image for larger version

    At first I thought it MUST be a program or something that is doing this obnoxiously, but now I don't know where to look in the Task Manager. Ending all of my open apps won't fix it, so I assume it is a background process?

    Not only that, but I also have multiple wallpapers in a slide show, so once it shifts to the next wallpaper, the strange bar will jump back to the top left, still unable to be manipulated with. The strangest part?

    Click image for larger version

    So I could certainly use some answers here.

    But on to my next issue.

    What happens every now and then is that a prompt for Windows Backup (requiring administrator permission...yes, those prompts) will appear out of nowhere. Very obnoxiously, I might add. If I hit Yes, it will go to this:

    Click image for larger version

    In the Action Center, this is there:

    Click image for larger version

    Trying to click Options will bring me to the same screen before. What options? Am I missing something?

    Bottom line is that it won't stop giving me a prompt at random times. Over and over. Asking me to do something.

    That'll be all.

    So any assistance help on this?

    As a side note, I upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 7, and then updated to 8.1.
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    Hi DV,

    Yes, those appearing blank objects, and the movement of same are quite a mystery to me but I will tell you that I can almost swear it happened to me "only once" on a previous install when I had Avast 2014 AV installed.

    However, the second issue may not be related to the above; however, if you do not use the backup option, could you please make sure it is turned off here:

    Click image for larger version

    Let us know,

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    I agree with my2cents in that an earlier version, I believe one of the original betas, did some strange things visually. I believe an updated video driver resolved the issue, but possibly the artifacts are coming from the video memory.

    I certainly know very little about such things, but I would try uninstalling the video driver, and checking the option to uninstall all drivers. That should, set it back to basic video and allow for reinstalling the drivers, just in case there was some type of corruption in some file.

    I would also think about going to the desktop personalization dialog and setting the video to Windows Basic. I am in Windows 7 so I do not know exactly how it is described. Perhaps setting to the basic version will clear out some things and when you change back it will have helped.
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Visual anomalies + Windows Backup prompts
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