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Windows 8 runs hotter than 7. Why?

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    Windows 8 runs hotter than 7. Why?

    I've done considerable research on this and still can't find the exact Windows 8 process that causes this. PROBLEM: There is a service host process that keeps the CPU busy (12%), and consequently causes my computer to run warmer than it does under Windows 7. About 15 degrees Celsius warmer. If I kill that service process, the temperature drops back to about 38 Celsius at idle.

    I see others on the www complaining about this also, but no resolve.. Well, if you kill the process it fixes the heat problem, but then the computer doesn't run right without that particular host process. And if you expand that process there are about 10 to 15 sub processes. But which one is the bad boy? Task manager doesn't break it down enough to isolate it.

    This is not a big deal, my computer runs fine. It just annoys me whenever I run Windows 8. I feel like I should upgrade my standard 4th gen cpu cooler, and I shouldn't have to. I don't play games.

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    Must be some service from a non-windows software, the most sub-services on my system have "Local service host:Local service, Network restricted" but it uses less than 1% of processor.
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    I haven't seen this in Windows idle temp remains at 28C to 30C and Coretemp shows 0% useage most of the time at idle. You must have another program causing this. Have you tried using Process Explorer to see what it might be?
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    Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 CPU idle/load temperatures are the same on my laptop, considering Windows 8.1 has better utilization of SpeedStep for Intel processors and has better CPU core/thread priority distribution for both foreground and background processes meanwhile running just as cool with the same if not slightly better battery life (or power consumption) than Windows 7; I'd go as far as saying Windows 8.1 overall has better CPU temperatures than Windows 7.

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    I have found Windows 8.1 to be very smooth and cool running.

    Under Windows 8.0 I saw average temperatures about 24 C. It is now a bit cooler in ambient temperature (being Fall where I live), but I see average temperatures of 20 C.

    I have an overclocked machine and I can reach about 4.5 GHz with all 8 cores and max out at about 80C. But I wouldn't do that for long

    .Click image for larger version
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    Based on what I'm seeing from others here, I would conclude that it must be some other software not native to Windows 8.1. And there are others out there who have this same problem if you Google this. Maybe it's Office 2010? I've turned off my Avast antivirus shields, but that didn't help. I'll probably have to find a diagnostic program that will help me isolate the individual process that's causing my 12% cpu utilization. The standard windows task manager doesn't break this down far enough. Only that it's a sub process of a particular service host process.

    Thanks for your feedback everyone. I'll let you know when I find the offending process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBurns View Post
    I haven't seen this in Windows idle temp remains at 28C to 30C and Coretemp shows 0% useage most of the time at idle. You must have another program causing this. Have you tried using Process Explorer to see what it might be?
    No I haven't. But I'll Google it, and download it if I can. Thanks.

    UPDATE: Process Explorer would not break it down to the offending process. All I could get was that it was PID 1160 (netsvcs) with about 16 sub processes. Utilization 11%
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    Hey in2jesus, the first thing I'd would look into is your drivers, make sure you have the most current drivers installed. The next thing, when building a custom rig, it's always best to use an after market CPU cooler. So I'd definitely get rid of that stock cooler. The next thing I'd check is your software, what if any are you running at the time the temps start to increase.
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    Hi there
    Might be something as simple as all cores are by default active on Windows 8 - even if there is no processing going on - whereas in W7 cores might only be active when needed.

    The only other thing I would suggest is make a backup of your system, wipe the disk and install a new Windows system - don't install ANYTHING other than the base OS. - Now gradually add drivers and applications testing / measuring the temp at each stage.

    You should find the offending item. Now restore your old system and remove the offending item(s).

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    Higher cpu utilization starts at boot time and never ends. When I upgraded to Windows 8 from 7 is when I first noticed that my cpu ran hotter, and immediately, before any application was launched. When I investigated this I found the culprit. A service host (netsvcs) process with 16 sub processes. When I ended that particular host process my computer instantly cooled down and utilization fell back to near zero. In a nutshell, I have all the same software that I had on Windows 7, and 7 ran at near 0% cpu utilization before the upgrade to 8. And so I titled this thread accordingly.

    I posted here because I wanted to know if anyone else has had to deal with this same issue after upgrading to Windows 8...and hopefully had solved it.

    To be honest I am not really all that worried about this issue. My Windows 8.1 Pro OS runs fine. But about 15 degrees C warmer is all. If I can't solve this by process of elimination, I'll just put a water cooler on my cpu. But I'm not up to deleting everything and starting over. It's not worth the time and effort for me. For a problem like this anyway. Maybe you younger guys...who really enjoy this kind of thing. And I used to. But age has a way of changing people...
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Windows 8 runs hotter than 7. Why?
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