Hi. I Have a triple-boot in my computer. Windows vista, seven and windows 8. First time I installed windows 8, I had a lot of problems. When shutdown windows 8 ( Not restart ) the next time I used vista or seven, computer had to scan all my drivers with CHKDSK. I was looking for an anwser on forums like this, And I found the new "FAST STARTUP" in windows 8, since I Deactivated it and everything goes OK.

Now I just installed in the same way Windows 8.1, Deactivated "FAST STARTUP" at first, but every time I run seven or vista, I had to wait for CHKDSK checking all my disks, ( no matter if I shutdown or restart, windows 8 Fast StartUp only works in shutdown)

I tried to update my windows 8.0 with the 8.1 update from microsoft, doesn´t matter, every time in my Triple boot system i tried to boot into Vista or Seven after being used windows 8.1 get the same result... CHKDSK running over all my disks.

Any Ideas.. three days looking for in google for nothing.

So sorry for my horrible English.