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Win8.1 File History wont recognize re-connected drive

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    I am not familiar with the Smart Power utility you seem to be using, but looking at it, might be beneficial.

    If you can't get it worked out, you might look for another external 3.0 device to do your File History. If you have a hard drive, perhaps a Dock type device would be good or some other basic, non-proprietary type device.

    I have a WD Backup plus device that does not behave well during reboots. It will hang the system and at the very least, not be available if plugged in during reboots.

    When Windows 8 first came out, some folks were having problems with the USB 3.0 drivers and the ones from your manufacturer were named in several threads. Using other external devices to test might help you pin down whether it is the system and 8.1 or the external drive alone causing the problem.

    Good Luck, and don't buy anything I wouldn't

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    My USB card is branded as Vantec, but the chipset is from NEC/Renesas, and I think there are a lot of cards and mobos with this chipset on them. I also saw some people have had trouble in Win8 but I didn't. (I think I found and used other drivers than the Windows default, if I remember correctly.)

    If I follow your advice and build a non-proprietary backup drive, what will I do with my 3tb MyBook? I think I will persevere for a while, anyway. I have tried a few other things this afternoon and established that a) the USB3 drivers are not ALWAYS reinstalled correctly after a full shutdown, and b) if they are working properly, they appear to recover correctly after restart from sleep mode. Also, they recovered correctly after a restart following Windows Updates. Still not sure whether SmartPower will correctly put the machine to sleep (rather than hibernate). It does for the Win7 machine, but not sure about Win8. I've made a few adjustments to the BIOS, and also the Power Options - like disabling USB Selective Suspend mode. Don't know whether that will make any difference though
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    Well, finally some success! SmartPower put the machine into Suspend (Sleep) last night, and, on wakening this morning, the USB3 connection was successfully maintained! If that continues, all I will have to do is a) remember to check the connection each time I do a proper restart and b) check Google and see whether any other solutions are forthcoming as 8.1 becomes more generally used.

    Thanks again for your help and ideas.
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    A last word to anyone else having problems with NEC/Renesas-based USB cards.... There are updated drivers for Win8 at Station-Drivers - Renesas/Nec. They update the default drivers from 2.0.?.0 (not sure exactly what the previous version was) to and they replace the USB Root Hub (xHCI) with a Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Root Hub. Installing them appears to have resolved my problems with the drivers failing to install properly after a restart.

    At the risk of stating the obvious, make sure to get the appropriate drivers for the chipset installed, which may require opening up the machine (if a desktop!) and peering at the tiny writing on the small chip on the PCI-e card!

    I will flag this thread as solved, even though I still do not understand why I cannot read the drive when connected to USB 2.0 ports on the Win8.1 machine, but I was able to on the Windows 7 machine.
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Win8.1 File History wont recognize re-connected drive
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