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I lost my files!!!! Please help!!!

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    I lost my files!!!! Please help!!!

    Hey guys, I recently decided to upgrade to Windows 8.1 but in doing so I turned off my computer because it was taking too long to download as I had thought my computer had frozen. When I cut my computer back on, I noticed everything was gone. I had to deal with all that temporary profile mess, but I eventually figured out how to do a system restore. Now here's where things get bad. First off let me tell you guys that I am an aspiring young music artist and producer so files are very important to me. Anyways, the restore completed successfully but I did not get any of my files back, my downloads, pictures, documents, or programs!!!!! Is there anyway I can get all of that back??? Please help!!! Much appreciated

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    If you do not have a backup of your files you may/many not have a chance. I do not know the answer but I'd highly recommend shutting off the computer and not using it till wiser folks than I can help you.

    First off, did you do a full system restore, which I fear you did, or a restore to a prior date. If the later you would have seen a date and time that you were restoring to. If it was a full system restore then it would depend on whether the unit did a format of your disk. If it did not format the disk there might be a slim possibility of someone helping you to find your files with Linux and or some utility.

    I'd watch this thread for awhile and I hope that someone comes along that can assist you.

    The reason I suggest not using the unit is that if the files are on the disk any activity will run the chance of destroying them.
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    With any luck, they are in the "Windows.old" folder.

    See if the steps here help you? :
    Retrieving files from the Windows.old folder - Microsoft Windows Help
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I lost my files!!!! Please help!!!
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