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Getting lag after a few weeks of installing Windows 8.1

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    Getting lag after a few weeks of installing Windows 8.1

    Hi this is the second time I'm having this problem.

    First it was with Windows 8.0 and now again with Windows 8.1 and I just can't seem to get to the bottom of it.

    It starts when I play a game. The sound drags (almost lags) when playing and exponentially seems to get worse.

    Like there is something huge taking up my memory but when I check with the task manager I find that I have a substantial amount of RAM free.

    I have given this some thought. Either My audio drivers are incompatible with Windows 8, but I doubt that's the case since it did work 100% in the beginning. It just got worse as time progressed.

    Or my local hard disk has a problem. How can one tell if it is the hard drive? Is there a program out there to check this?

    Lastly it could be my RAM but I have done a memory check and everything seems fine.

    Any advice or insight will be appreciated.


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    What games are you playing and are they resource hungry as you only have 4gb ram which i would guess is quite low?

    dors it happen with all or most games or just a handful?

    cood it be your graphics card? (Ive never heard of that one but it soundsquite old) maybe it cant keep up?

    have you checked for newest drivers for gfx, sound card?

    Try these suggestions first. Ps- imo avg is crap and would recommend another app - see my spec for ideas
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    By-the-way you could chek your disk by opening a command prompt by searching for "cmd"
    then select the hard drive you want (c?)
    type chkdsk /b
    this will check your hard drives sectors and flag any bad ones so the system wont use them anymore but will also report them to you onscreen as it finds them

    you can also check the drives smart ratings by installing some kind of smart montioring app. A free one is speedfan as it includes smart details on it but i havent found it to be stable with my win 8 setup so use at your own risk or find another app

    hopefully ive given you the right (or fairly accurate info) but im typing this on the go and from memory so dont scorn me if im wrong
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Getting lag after a few weeks of installing Windows 8.1
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