I am a student and need to install many types of software over and over again.
If I understand it correctly, windows makes backups of all DLL-files to prevent the DLL-hell scenario from happening.
But as I need to install/remove many programs I end up with a lot of garbage (I asume) in my winsxs folder.

Right now I have a winsxs folder of 11.3 gb, an application folder of 7.5gb on my 120gb ssd (windows) drive and about 117gb off apps (and games) on my storage drive.

I formatted my laptop this summer but I am concerned that my drive will get flooded with storage data faster then I can remove apps from my C-drive.

What I would like to know is:
- In what case does winsxs backup all my DLL-files
- How can I prevent windows from doing that? (protable apps?)
- How can I prevent the DLL-hell scenario while preventing sxs growth?