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Disk usage at 100/100

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    Sorry, am a little tired today, only seeing Task Manager & Sysinternals snips, please link to your Resource Monitor snip. btw, here's how it looks on my w8 laptop after a period of no activity from my side. OS itself can be very peaceful indeed if set up\adjusted\working properly.
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    this is mineClick image for larger version
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    i ve just stopped the connectfiy service and the disk usage has decreased for the first time since long....
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    So it's sorted? Good. Any special reasons for using this program?

    What is connectifyd.exe?
    Connectify is a software router for Microsoft Windows developed by Connectify. It can enable a Windows PC with a Wi-Fi device to act as a wireless access point. This enables users to share files, printers, and Internet connections between multiple computing devices without the need for a separate physical access point or router.
    Connectifyd.exe - Should I Block It? (Connectify)

    btw, your Resource Monitor snip above shows perfectly normal disk activity, not taken during the 100% activity you have been writing about. If problem reoccurs, do a new snip when the problem is actually happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by topgundcp View Post
    Few things you can check:
    1. go to: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows and look for the file
      Windows.edb and check the size of this file. This is a database file associated with Windows Search feature. If it's too big, sometimes it can grow up to many GB's then it might cause high disk usage when Windows Search trying to rebuild the Search index. You can delete this file but first you need to disable the Windows Search service then re-enable after deletion.
    2. Run Task Manager->Startup and disable everything then reboot the PC to see if it fixes the problem then re-enable one by one, reboot until the problem occurs again, then that's the culprit.
    3. Run Task Manager->Details, then right click on the Title->Select Columns and put a check on I/O Reads, I/O Writes, I/O read bytes, I/O write bytes then click OK. Click on the Title to sort by I/O Read, I/O Write to find out which process utilizing the Disk I/O most and take appropriate action.

    Screenshot example:
    First post here, just wanted to share what (finally) worked for me for this insanely annoying problem.

    It took me over a week of annoyance to figure it out, trying the following methods:
    - Deep scanned with Malwarebytes & Spybot numerous times - No effect
    - Disabled Write Behind Caching - No effect, re-enabled it
    - Locking a set page file - No effect, reset it to auto
    - Disabled the Windows Mangagment Instrumentation (WMI) service & subsecquent dependencies (which left me skeptical because it meant I had to leave security centre disabled) - No effect, re-enabled it
    - Installed Hyper-V (mentioned in the above post) - No effect

    This post:
    Disk usage at 100/100

    I think with my upgrading to Windows 8.1, the search Index wasnt adjusted properly, and became bloated to the tune of 1.5gb. I followed the instructions, and it worked.

    I havent re-enabled it yet, but MS just released their usual monthly patches, which Ive now updated, and I will shortly re-enable the Indexing service & hope it works, since Search is such a fundamental feature of 8.1

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    I had the same problem which occurred immediately after upgrading from 8 to 8.1. I spent a lot of time following suggestions but what rescued me was coming across a post, which at first I thought was a company promotion, saying that CCLEANER would solve the problem with their registry clean-up tool. And it's free. I downloaded the software and ran the registry cleaner three times (rebooting each time) and problem solved. My disk usage is running along at 5-10% and no more time wasted. I was just about to the point of buying a new computer but have to thank this company for saving me the time and money. QUICK, EASY & FREE
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    Disk usage 100% + freezing while transferring data


    i have an hp envy i7 with 12 giga ram and 1 tb disk

    it was upgraded to win 8.1 then sometimes 2 weeks ago it s started freezin have 100% usage so i prefered to refresh it and it came back to win 8 but the issue is still there.
    i ve also noticed that when i wanted to back up data using external hdd via usb, the 100% disk was there and then it s freezing and stopping to write while the reading continue for a while.

    the usage is back to normal if i succeed in stopping the transfer

    i ve done chkdsk inside win 8 ,didnt show up anything

    didn t tried chkdsk at boot

    what could be the reason?

    thanks in advance for your help

    ps i m running dism fixing now and it s a 100% again
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    dism says it can t find sources

    error code 0x800f081f

    any ideas anyone?
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Disk usage at 100/100
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