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What is the best way to Back-Up?

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    What is the best way to Back-Up?

    Hi everyone,

    So i was backing up last morning and i Always make a backup on an external drive via windows 7 file recovery program.

    So i got thinking is this the best way to backup my pc and does it backup everything.
    I allways thought that it would backup my entire system so if my laptop would crash completaly i would be able to get everything back by this backup. Just a small question.

    Greetings Sebas

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    Windows backup (image that is) has worked fine for me a couple of times, i have always a repair disk handy.Just to be on the safe side, i am using Macrium Reflect aswell, an excellent program,both for imaging and cloning too.My ultimate backup gun,is AOMEI Backuper,i cloned my installation partition to another internal HDD (you could do the same on an external) ,set as active,anything goes wrong,i just boot from that one (F8) and try to solve any issues on the main drive.I consider myself safe.
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    I think a backup program is something you choose and stick with until you get into trouble, because they often take a lot of time to tweak and set up.

    I used to use SCSI DAT backups a long time ago, then later Norton Ghost, now I use Acronis for images and Retrospect for incrementals and file recovery.

    I have had initial problems installing and running Acronis 2011, 2012 and 2013. I have posted long and loudly on their forums about these issues.

    But still, I use it, although I'm not in any hurry to upgrade to Acronis 2014, because once I get it to work it is rather solid and trustworthy.

    I do not use System Restore points because I beta test a lot of software so they would just become a big handicap. Instead I do image backups when I have a good, clean and stable system. I do this often perhaps weekly, or at least a few times a month. And always before Patch Tuesday.

    I also do nightly backups using Retrospect 8.2 - but that is for file backup and retrieval, not for system recovery.

    I have a USB thumb drive with Acronis recovery media set up so that I can boot into it and restore from a system image from BIOS. That's a lot faster and easier than finding a BOOT CD/DVD.

    The standard Acronis recovery is via a Linux-style boot, but I have the 'Plus Pack' which adds a Windows PE boot environment. I have both - the Linux on a CD/DVD, the WinPE on the USB Thumb drive.

    I use YUMI from (YUMI - Multiboot USB Creator (Windows) | USB Pen Drive Linux) to make the USB drive - I put Acronis TrueImage ISO, Acronis Disk Director ISO, Linux Mint and a few recovery and virus scanners on it. You'd be surprised at how much you can save on these little wonders.

    I use the Patriot TAB USB3.0 16GB thumb drive. ( Patriot Tab USB 3.0 Flash Drive (PSF16GTAB3USB): Computers & Accessories)

    Good luck on whatever you do.

    Many of my tech friends use Macrium Reflect with good results. ( I volunteer at a local PC Tech support center for seniors.)
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    Here it's ,

    Macrium Reflect of my OS and boot partition before a major change or once a month...(whichever happens first)

    Freefilesynch every weekend for a copy of my local outlook files, all my installer program files , my MP3 library and anything else I consider a pain to recover, to a 2TB USB drive (thats only connected at the time of this backup) and also to a networked storage device.

    The networked storage also automatically backs itself up daily to 1 of 5 DVDs (full backup every 4th backup and incremental every other day , so the full backup is not on the same DVD all the time)

    My wife thought I was OCD about it until the system went down a few months ago and she needed some of the files for work.... it was definitely <smug mode on> for a few days after that.
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    Acronis true image to clone my boot SSD. As for the two other hard drives in the machine and my HTPC, I just stick backup 3TB hard drives into a hard drive dock and copy over updated files using a sync command from Directory Opus. Takes about a hour to back up 8 TB once the initial backup is done. I do it once a month.
    Need to boot or read a file? just grab a drive and go.
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    I have 3 drives: -

    1. SSD for OS and software. I do what Wullail does and use Macrium Reflect to create an image once per month after installing Windows Updates, plus I'll also do it if I make big changes to the system, although that's rare. I'm currently using about half the space on a 128 GB SSD and it only takes 4 minutes to create a full system image with Reflect. Reflect images can be mounted in Windows, so they appear with a drive letter just like a regular partition, which is handy if you just need to retrieve a file that you accidentally deleted or whatever.

    2. HDD for data. This holds all of my personal data - music, videos, photos etc. This is where the system image from step 1 is stored.

    3. External HDD for local backups. This is a mirror of my main data HDD. I use Cobian Backup for this as it's free and works great. I use incremental backups, so it only backs up files that are new or have changed whenever it's run, which makes it really fast (as I back up often).

    I also keep backups of the files I really can't afford to lose in the cloud. I currently use SkyDrive for that as I signed up to it early and got 25GB for free, plus it's baked into Windows 8.1. But if you don't want to use that, there are plenty of alternatives such as Dropbox or SugarSync. There are also complete cloud backup solutions such as Carbonite, where all of your data is backed up on the fly, although you have to pay a monthly/annual fee for those.
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What is the best way to Back-Up?
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