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Windows 8 taking a few hours to boot, laggy as heck.

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    Windows 8 taking a few hours to boot, laggy as heck.

    So a a day ago I woke up, turned on my computer, and was surprised at how long it took to turn on. It took, like, 30 minutes to get to the desktop screen (I have Pokki so it goes to metro for a seconds and then automatically goes to the desktop).

    It took its sweet time trying to load steam and I ended up cancelling the load. Nothing loaded except for Launchy, not even the Pokki start button. I was surprised so I turned it on again and it kept going slower each time; I shouldn't have kept restarting, but I was stupid.

    Anyways, I left the house and when I got home I restarted it twice before I decided to just let everything load. I was able to close the Steam startup, something I'd been trying to do for some time, but the computer had booted so slowly and the computer had lagged so badly I'd not been able to. I couldn't even open the task manager because when I moved the mouse down to make the taskbar popup it would lag. When I right-clicked it would take a minute or two to open the box and when I clicked on "task manager" it wouldn't open because the program would time out. There would be a Microsoft error pop-up box when it timed out. When I would get it to open it would take a long ass time to load and it crashed a few times.

    Anyways, I decided to just let it load, it took 2-3.5 hours to open everything. I opened Advanced System Care Ultimate and ran a virus check and then I went to sleep, when I woke up it said that the check (a full scan) had run for 8 hours and there were no problems according to the program.

    Things were still kinda laggy, but the speed of the computer was the same it had been when it as first laggy. So, unusable laggy, but not as bad as it had gotten. Also, it said that Windows 8 hadn't been activated and when I tried to activate it Windows said it couldn't activate it at the time.

    The message left (after being there the whole night), but things were still laggy (oh and this is not the first time I have installed Windows 8 so during the night I also left it to delete the old windows.old folders, it would say that it kept finding new items. So, even the deletion of things was sloowwww). I turned on Skype and even though the internet was connected it didn't connect. I turned on the troubleshooter, but it would time-out. I opened Google Chrome and it actually opened! When that happened Skype started to work and, even though things were still laggy, I thought things were getting better. I saw a video.

    I left the house, but I left everything on as Advanced System Care Ultimate checked for malware (after having run the antivirus check the previous night). When I got home the internet didn't work, but the computer was almost as fast as it was before (its got 4 years, and it recently fell, but there hadn't been any problems until that day. ACTUALLY, I don't know if this started before or after it fell, it wasn't from a high place, but the loading screen had been lagging for some time).

    I ran the troubleshooter and it worked this time, it said that the Diagnostics Policy wasn't working. So, the internet stopped working in the 8-9 hours I was gone. Pokki still hadn't loaded, I went to PC settings and I tried to change the Lock Screen for no reason and it didn't work. I tried changing the account picture and that didn't work either. I'm at a loss, not sure whats happening to my computer, but its almost as fast as it once was.

    Its been on for a day and a few hours and I'm not sure what to do. Its kinda useless, Also, I can't open gifs because Photos isn't working. So thats my wall of text, guys and gals, any ideas?
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    That single paragraph killed me. Couldn't even read all of it to be honest.

    Restore, SFC, DISM, reset, refresh? My eyes hurt.

    Honestly, I didn't even read most of it.
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    Return it to factory settings.
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    GENTLEMEN! THE WALL OF CHINA! How do I do this? "Restore, SFC, DISM, reset, refresh?" I'll restore after I've exhausted every option. Also, TL;DR my computer is moving REALLY REALLY SLOWLY and its not just the boot.
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    See the following Tutorial: Refresh Windows 8

    And DO NOT install Advanced System Care Ultimate, as I think that this is where your problems are stemming from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarf View Post
    See the following Tutorial: Refresh Windows 8

    And DO NOT install Advanced System Care Ultimate, as I think that this is where your problems are stemming from.
    Those "Miracle " programs, UGH, always trouble.
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    Get rid of Poki, Launchy, Advanced System care.....these are all known to be iffy software at best. Uninstall these then reboot your system, once that's done, windows will let Defender kick in as your AV. Then download/install Malwarebytea and use the trial version, it has active protection for 30 days. Then run a full scan using Malwarebytes software.
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    Windows 8

    I tried refreshing and I got a message saying that I couldnīt, that I needed the Windows 8 disk; I donīt think thats supposed to happen. Iīll delete the programs when I get home, though. See you guys then.
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Windows 8 taking a few hours to boot, laggy as heck.
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