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More Windows Backup Woes

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    More Windows Backup Woes

    Every time the computer backs up I get backup completed but some files skipped. If I view skipped files it says:
    Backup skipped backing up \\DANASLAPTOP\Users\Public\Pictures as it is not on local machine.
    Backup skipped backing up \\DANASLAPTOP\Users\Public\Videos as it is not on local machine.

    How do I stop this annoying message every time my computer backs up?

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    Hello gandog, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    This happens when your scheduled Windows Backup has a folder that you checked to be included in the backup no longer exists most likely due to being moved or deleted.

    In this case, it would be your "C:\Users\Public\Pictures" and "C:\Users\Public\Videos" folders.

    You could either make changes to your backup settings to uncheck these folders to not be included in the backup anymore.......
    ...or restore these missing Public folders. The tutorial below will apply to Windows 8 as well.
    Hope this helps,
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    this is really helpful and i have kept it stored into my system HDD for the future reference if any similar issue occurs as has been asked here then i will get support from it .. thanks
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More Windows Backup Woes
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