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Keyboard and mouse not working after defrag

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    Keyboard and mouse not working after defrag

    First I'll say I'm not great with computers. I Defraged my comp to Optimize. After defrag, my mouse and keyboard no longer worked. I tried restarting, unpluging and switching to a wired mouse and keyboard. I can't get the comp to recognize them. I also switched between back and front ports. Please help!

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    Do they work outside of the Windows 8 environment. Specifically, can you boot into and navigate inside of your BIOS?
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    1. Which Software did you used to defrag your PC?

    2. Use Windows Search [Win+W] then type Device Manager.
    If you find exclamation marks on any device, especially on USB devices that isn't suppose to happen, which brings me to the solution and on my opinion the only solution is to make System Restore or Refresh Windows.

    3.If you didn't find exclamation marks on devices, then try re-install drivers for your keyboard and mouse.
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    When you restarted the computer, how did you restart it?

    Windows 8 has a default feature called Fast Startup. This means that when you power off the machine, it doesn't truly power it off, but instead it hibernates the inner parts of the system, suspending their state and saving them to disk.

    However I think this means that some hardware issues which for previous versions of Windows were fixed by a restart, you need to do a full shutdown to properly turn off the PC. Then with any luck it should find the keyboard when you switch on.

    The command I would try is this...
    shutdown.exe /s /f /t 00
    ... but you have the interesting problem of how to do this without a working keyboard!

    Can you get into the BIOS by pressing a key at startup, as suggested by my2cents? When I say "pressing a key" it may mean hitting the key (F2 or whatever) repeatedly and perhaps having several attempts.
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    When I turn on the comp it boots to the normal clock screen. My problem is I can't even get to the login screen because my mouse and keyboard does not work.
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Keyboard and mouse not working after defrag
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