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Power Saver Setting Option Windows 8

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    Power Saver Setting Option Windows 8

    I don't know if this may have been posted previously, but just in case it helps someone, I'll go ahead and post it. Use of the Power Saver Setting in Windows 8 lowers my pc temperature (at idle) by at least 6 degrees. Using this setting, my pc now idles at 27 degrees C. When I use High Performance, my idle temp is usually at least 33 degrees, or more. For those who have problems with their pc's running warm, this is just one of the things I've found which helps temperature lowering. My biggest impact on lowering temp was air cleaning the pc case interior - getting all the fuzzy balls At one point, my idle temp was in the 50 to 60 degree range and I figured my disk was failing. After checking for a possible problem, I found much of the problem was my own maintenance procedure failure. So, if your pc seems to be running rather high, look around for the simple solutions - clean pc, use power settings, etc.

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    If you reduce power, you also reduce performance.
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    What's so surprising there ? all that is just for that purpose, less power, less performance when not needed, more battery life etc. AMD has Cool&Quiet for that too. Video cards can have their own power plans too. Most BIOSes can be set to power saving mode. Of course that laptops have much more aggressive power plans. Lover frequencies of the processors need less voltage, hence the lover temps.
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Power Saver Setting Option Windows 8
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