I have an htpc (lets call it htpc) that is still using win7 and I have no desire to upgrade to win8 with that machine. It works, don't fix it. However my main machine that I use is using win8 (lets call in main8).

I was using whs2011, but backups kept getting corrupted, so I made that computer a win8 machine (lets call it win8backup). This new machine is simply a backup space (someday i'll get a nas).

My htpc has all my music, and all my pictures. I used win7 backup and sent it to the win8backup machine that replaced whs2011. I also backup my main8 machine to the win8backup using file history.

Hopefully this isn't a big mess to read. I would like to know if it is possible to somehow using the file history to copy the music and pictures that sit on the htpc networked to main8? I have added the homegroup to the library but filehistory doesn't copy any library that is networked (or am I doing something wrong?) Yes I know the win7 backup already has those files, but I would like it done twice.

any suggestions?