Hey guys. I know this thread is a bit old, but I have the same problem with Modified Memory and was unable to find a solution anywhere on the net. It seems that Intellimemory has been at fault for some, so I tried to think of similar software that could be at fault on mine.

My computer has something called a "cache SSD" from Samsung, which as I understand, is volatile memory much like RAM is.
It came shipped from HP in a RAID configuration merging that drive with the HDD. I don't really understand the details, but this configuration was causing certain PC games to not start, so. I promptly went into BIOS and decoupled them. I must have made a mistake because it wiped out everything on the HDD.

Soo.. after a warranty repair, the computer came back unpaired in any RAID configuration & was once more bootable.
I went into administrative settings and repartitioned the cache SSD as a useable volume drive.
But my computer frequently warns its unable to write to the volume.

This is roughly where my Modified memory issues begin.

I decided to take no chances and disabled the Samsung SSD from Device manager.
And, my computer had a program called Intel Rapid Storage Technology that I disabled from the BIOS.

I'm not sure which of those things is significant, BUT my computer has been running 5 days straight and has less than 20 MB of Modified memory allocation!!

So, my conclusion is it could have been a flaky drive, Intel Rapid Storage Technology, or perhaps IRST trying to write to a flaky drive. i hope that helps someone