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AMD CPU - any way I can see temp of All 4 CORES individual

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    AMD CPU - any way I can see temp of All 4 CORES individual

    Hi there
    Does this CPU have no way of measuring / monitoring the temperature of all 4 cores individually.

    Any suggestions here.

    Screenshot enc

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    Darlington, England
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    I don't see why you can't view the temps for all of the cores :/ I can see all of my 6 core AMD CPU temps.
    Mabye just Google CPU temperature monitor and try a bunch and hope one works
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Minimize to tray and see how many cores you got. Also check programs's settings.

    CoreTemp CPU List:
    Core Temp - Supported processors
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    Use "CPUID Hardware Monitor" utility, you'll be able to see that and many more temperatures and voltages as well as RPM of the fans.
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    Darlington, England
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    If none of them work maybe try SpeedFan
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    Hi There, I think that Speccy from Pinform might give you what you want. I've put a rough screen shot below with Core 2&3 showing.

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200
    Cores 4
    Threads 4
    Name Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200
    Code Name Yorkfield
    Package Socket 775 LGA
    Technology 45nm
    Specification Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
    Family 6
    Extended Family 6
    Model 7
    Extended Model 17
    Stepping A
    Revision R0
    Instructions MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, Intel 64, NX
    Virtualization Not supported
    Hyperthreading Not supported
    Fan Speed 2163 RPM
    Bus Speed 333.3 MHz
    Rated Bus Speed 1333.1 MHz
    Stock Core Speed 2333 MHz
    Stock Bus Speed 333 MHz
    Average Temperature 44 °C
    L1 Data Cache Size 4 x 32 KBytes
    L1 Instructions Cache Size 4 x 32 KBytes
    L2 Unified Cache Size 2 x 2048 KBytes
    Core 0
    Core 1
    Core 2
    Core Speed 2332.9 MHz
    Multiplier x 7.0
    Bus Speed 333.3 MHz
    Rated Bus Speed 1333.1 MHz
    Temperature 42 °C
    Thread 1
    APIC ID 2
    Core 3
    Core Speed 2332.9 MHz
    Multiplier x 7.0
    Bus Speed 333.3 MHz
    Rated Bus Speed 1333.1 MHz
    Temperature 44 °C
    Thread 1
    APIC ID 3
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    I 2nd CPUID Hardware Monitor

    Click image for larger version
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    Speedfan gives just the average temp between the cores, not individual ones which is very important when you have an unlocked CPU, as some of the unlocked cores can produce higher temps. Also, be advised that on AMD processors you can get inaccurate readings on idle or under lover stress which can be even more inaccurate when OCed. So for temperature readings, CPID HWM is still the best bet together with AIDA which collaborates most of those readings.
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AMD CPU - any way I can see temp of All 4 CORES individual
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