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LG Flatron w2753w monitor won't wake up in Windows 8

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    LG Flatron w2753w monitor won't wake up in Windows 8

    Hey Guys,

    I am running Windows 8 on an AMD FX-8150 w/Liquid Cool with an XFX Radeon 7850 video card.
    My monitor is an LG Flatron w2753v.

    After leaving my computer on for a certain period of time, the monitor goes into DVI power saving mode. On my old computer running Windows 7, when that would happen, I would either hit the keyboard or move the mouse and the monitor would wake up.

    However now on Windows 8, when the monitor gets into this sleep mode, hitting keys or moving the mouse will not wake the monitor up, I have to physically reboot the computer in order for the monitor to start working again.

    I went into power settings and set the computer to NEVER sleep.

    Is there any way to fix this?

    Thanks for your time!!

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    It should be a fix.

    I also didn't fixed this yet: happens on a laptop.

    See BIOS options as well, here I didn't found any related options there.

    If the computer sleeps, only pressing the power button wakes it. At least it wakes, nothing gets lost and no reset needs to be pressed.

    It looks like it hibernates instead of sleeping.
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    Windows 8 error and hibernation

    [QUOTE=Hopachi;266217]It should be a fix.

    My relatively new HP W21371d monitor keeps going into hibernation mode as the HP Pavillion 960 goes into hibernation mode due to MS Windows 8. I've tried everything from hitting the W key and windows key simultaneously to power down and power on and nothing seems to wake it out of its sleep mode.

    Honestly, what kind of craziness is this for Microsoft to release and with no real approach on how to resolve??!!

    Can someone PLEASE help me understand how I can correct this. I can't even get to the screen so there is no way to adjust BIOS settings or to download new microcode patches.
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    Install catalyst 13.4 clean, and if you ever have this issue again see if CTRL+ALT+DEL on keyboard wakes the monitor up. If you still have this issue, disable ULPS via registry.
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LG Flatron w2753w monitor won't wake up in Windows 8
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